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Monday, September 20, 2010

Bynes named SEC Defensive Player of the Week

For the second straight week, an Auburn player nabbed SEC Defensive Player of the Week honors.

Linebacker Josh Bynes earned the award Monday, after a strong performance in Auburn's 27-24 win against Clemson on Saturday night.

The senior from Lauderdale Lakes, Fla., made 11 tackles, had two tackles for a loss and made a pass deflection. The 11 tackles are the most for a Tigers player this year.

It was Bynes' fifth double-digit tackle effort of his career. His most was 12 against West Virginia last year.

Bynes leads Auburn and is ninth in the SEC with 23 tackles.

Defensive tackle Nick Fairley, who won the award last week, got an honorable mention after finishing with seven tackles, a sack and four quarterback pressures.

** In other news: Auburn's kickoff against Louisiana-Monroe has been set for noon ET on Oct. 2. The game will be televised by ESPNU.


Moose said...

I am proud of the way the defense has performed so far this year. There has been some curious play calling on the defense as well as the offense. Let's Auburn can put everything together this weekend against a tough SC team with a lot of weapons.

Great job Andy.

Scott M. Brannan said...

great work by Bynes, but for the love of God can he not take a break?! ever? come on Roof. we have a little depth this year don't we? by all means use it!

that said, Bynes is one of my favs. glad he's on our team.

Orlando said...

@scottie burns
He did take a break some I think freshman Jessel Curry stepped in some. We do have depth but only 2-deep on OLB.....ILB is a different story as we only have freshman backing up there.

As far as the DPOTW award congrats! Our defense looked terrible at times and so did our offense but a win is a win and a win makes me happy :)

Anonymous said...

Bynes is a great player. Stevens should have the rust knocked off this week. I hope Malzhan's brain is not vapor locked this next game like it was in the first half Sat. night. I have never seen a more atrocious job of play calling at Auburn in a long time.

ron mexico said...

The guy that posted above me was obviously not an auburn fan in 2008 or 2003

Anonymous said...

Too much being expected of Cam this early...he is basically a red-shirt soph with no real experience comparable to the SEC and other than the big-four on the offensive line and a few scattered defenders, the team is loaded with frosh and sophs...especially the offense. I hate to see all the piling on by people saying they are AU fans....give these guys a chance to grow and develop.

AUsome04 said...

Wow, that is a spot on observation Nancy. It's funny with all the Monday morning QB'n going on. I just don't get it. I don't know how Chizik missed all these excellent assistant coach prospects that post on these blogs. Apparently he needs to hire some of them. Besides, according to this list the kid looks like his doing okay: http://espn.go.com/college-football/statistics

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, people are placing too much pressure on the team this year. It is going to be another year or two until this team gets really good. Gotta let the freshmen mature a bit.

Efforts like the one Saturday night won't get it done against Arkansas, LSU, or Bama

Clint Richardson said...

I think that the team needs the pressure this year because we have a more manigable schedule than we will next year. Next year we go to Clemson, S. Carolina, UGA, LSU, Arkansas. This year these guys need to have the pressure so they can perform better next year in this tough schedule. And not to mention, we have to play Florida. WAR EAGLE!

MikeP said...

EFFORTS like Saturday night will beat anybody. The players and coaches pulled together and beat the best team we've beaten since Coach Chizik got here as head coach.

Techniques need to improve, but we're getting better game to game. Those that expected to win 'em all 45-0 are probably disappointed but those that face reality are well pleased at this point.