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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Malzahn's meticulousness pays off for Tigers

I hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully this Gus Malzahn story from today's newspaper can tide you over until the Iron Bowl. Here's how it starts:
AUBURN, Ala. -- His system is fast, but on the field during the pre-game, Gus Malzahn is slow and meticulous.
Auburn’s second-year offensive coordinator is in his own little world as he walks every inch of the field, pacing up and down the yard lines while inspecting each blade of grass, a thousand football thoughts no doubt racing through his head.

“His football mind doesn’t have an off switch,” offensive line coach Jeff Grimes said. “His mind is always on. That’s one of the things that makes him great. He’s so driven toward success and so focused in his approach.”

Once derided for his recent background as a high school coach, Malzahn, one of the hottest coaching commodities currently in the college game, is not hearing those kind of insults now.

The system many said would never work against the athletic defenses of the SEC currently ranks sixth nationally in total yards.

With three games remaining, Auburn has already set the school record for points in a season (471) and is poised to be only the fourth SEC team in the last decade to average more than 40 points a game for a season.
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War Eagle AC-47 said...

Tewrrific picture which captures the essence of the man.

His wife must be a special gal who accepts her guy for the genious he is as well as the part that most other people would have difficulty living with everyday.

He is blessed with a spike of aptitude in a particular domain, but which might come at the cost of being a "regular guy."

He sees patterns more quickly than others. But it is not because of some instantaneously miraculous insight. It is based on hours and hours of meticulous attention to minute details built up over years of preparation.

I'm glad the players like him. I know the staff respects him. He is now getting the respect he deserves from the national football audience. We are blessed to have him. So I would advise the administration to do what is necessary to keep him with us.

MikeP said...

Great writeup! Unlike a lot of fans, I don't see Coach Malzahn in any hurry to leave Auburn.
He's making a good living here as the highest paid offensive co-ordinator in the country. He's getting to do what he loves doing without a lot of the distractions a head coach would have to put up with, and he's said time and again that Gene Chizik is a great guy to work for.

One year Coach Gus may leave for a head coaching job, but I don't believe he's in any rush.

Tar Heel Tiger said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Andy. Hopefully, you spent it here where it is warm, and not back home.