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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FWAA still considering Auburn as 2004 champs

Tigers fans might still have a shred of hope for claiming the 2004 national title.

Steve Richardson, the executive director of the Football Writers Association of America, said Monday at the Big 12 media days that in light of the NCAA sanctions against Southern Cal, the FWAA may take away the national title it awarded USC in 2004 and give it to Auburn.

The Tigers finished 13-0 that season and finished second in the polls.

"I wouldn't say we're definitely going to do that, but it's a possibility," said Richardson, who swill form a committee of past FWAA presidents to discuss the situation. "As we survey the scene, we have an opportunity to consider for the first time of vacating, in the modern era, a national championship."

The Associated Press said it will not remove the title given to USC. The BCS won't make its decision until after appeals. If the Trojans' title is stripped, however, that year's championship will likely be vacant.


Tar Heel Tiger said...

We beat ua-t; that's good enough for me. The Hate runs strong in my family.

Scott M. Brannan said...

"The force is ssstttrooonnnnnggg with you THT."

-Darth Scottie

i'll take a retro NC. raise a flag. hang a banner. print a t-shirt. i'm all in. we deserved it.

tptoomers said...

I'll take it too. It should have been at least split anyway.

Anonymous said...

Funny to see the Aubies looking for a title validation from six years ago, no-less from the FWAA. Isn't the same group of fans that kill Alabama for claiming titles from organizaitons other than AP/UPI? (even though they r NCAA approved 4 naming a champion)

Anonymous said...

Difference is we deserve it. You claim them after UAT loses 4-5 ball games and finishes out of the top 25.

Anonymous said...

au got screwed that year and everyone knows it. i am not looking for redemption, but if they want to pass it on to auburn i ain't gonna give it back...lol

Anonymous said...

AUA (you know, Auburn University at Auburn. AUT crap is ridiculous and immature) may have gotten "screwed", but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Only two teams get to play for the NC. The system isn't perfect but allowing a team that didn't play a second of the game to be named the champion is ridiculous. Leave it null if that's the case.

I have no doubt Auburn would have beaten USC had they given but since they weren't, I don't think they should get the retro.

Anonymous said...

Andi... we're not saying we need to be crowned "Winner of the USC v. Oklahoma Game". We're saying, we won't complain about being the "National Champions"... as in, the best team in the nation that year. It has nothing to do with the "BCS Multimillion dollar advertising game" clever titled "The BCS Championship Game".