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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nick Fairley a finalist for NCAA Football '12 cover

Former Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley is one of four finalists to be the cover boy for EA Sports' NCAA Football '12 video game. You can vote online on Facebook.

Fans can vote once a day up until April 4. The winner will be announced April 19.

Fairley's competition incluedes Oklahoma running back DeMarco Murray, Alabama running back Mark Ingram and Washington quarterback Jake Locker.

Recent players to grace the cover (depending on your system) have included Florida's Tim Tebow, Utah's Brian Johnson, USC's Mark Sanchez, Texas' Brian Orakpo and Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree.

Auburn has never had a player on the cover of the EA Sports video game.

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Hunter-Gatherer said...

Ah yea. Nick "Run Amuck" Fairley!

Any thoughts on why Cam is not an option? No one has more fame/star power than Cam. Also, I will NOT buy the game if Ingram wins.

Andy Bitter said...

It's got to be the NCAA investigation. Like it or not, he's a controversial figure. I'm sure EA doesn't want to deter fans from buying the game just because a certain athlete is on the cover.

Hunter-Gatherer said...

Good point, unfortunately for Cam and Auburn fans. Although I'm excited for Nick! I'll just get my Architecture roommate to design a Photoshop cover with Cam on the front page and slip that in the box.

Andrew said...

Really. Demarco Murray and Jake Locker. Did they just draw names out of a hat, or...?

Anonymous said...

Hunter-Gatherer, you will not buy the game if Ingram wins?

Sounds pretty stupid, to me. He is by far the most deserving candidate, period, not just including the final four. He won a Heisman and a BCS National Championship, and has an overall better record as a very contributive player on his team than any of the other players (36-5). It would be a travesty for him NOT to be on there.

If someone doesn't buy the game because he isn't on there, that's their own personal problem.

Anonymous said...

Every year there are message boards dedicated to making covers for these games after they are released. EA even publishes a template online. There is no reason not to buy the game just because a rival player wins. If Fairley wins tough I hope one of the background images will be Toomer's Corner. I have always thought that was a neat tradition and it would be great to see on the cover of the game.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the new NCAA will have penalties for late hits. It would be perfect to put him on the new edition then

Anonymous said...

Yea thats a good idea, put the dirtiest player in college football on the cover. Thats a good thing for the youth of America to look up to. Nick Fairley is garbage

Anonymous said...

This other "Anonymous" guy is a really determined troll today...he's sullying my anonymous good name.