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Friday, March 4, 2011

Women's hoops loses to MSU in SEC tournament

The Auburn women's basketball team was upset in the first round of the SEC tournament Thursday night in Nashville, Tenn., falling to Mississippi State 49-47.

The sixth-seeded Tigers (15-15) blew an 11-point second-half lead. Alli Smalley's potential game-tying jumper at the buzzer glanced off the rim.

Diamber Johnson led 11th-seeded Mississippi State (13-16) with 16 points.

Smalley scored 14 points for the Tigers. Junior forward Chantel Hilliard had 18 points and 11 rebounds.

Auburn is likely to end up in the postsesason WNIT.


Clint Richardson said...

I hope they go to the WNIT. I watched tonight's game and it was tough watching Alli walk off the court. She was pretty emotional. She's one of those players you feel bad for because we all know she has the talent, but just could never get the break with the team. She had that one good run with Bonner and the rest of the SEC Championship team. Good luck Alli!

Andy Bitter said...

The WNIT is 64 teams, so I'd imagine Auburn is pretty much a lock for it.

Clint Richardson said...

Oh ok good. I hate to see Alli's career end on a note that like. It was dissapointing giving up an 11 point lead to a bad MSU team. I've honestly watched 2-3 girls' games this year, and they just seem inconsistant. It's a lot different from the guy's sport.

Justin said...

I actually watched a good bit of the game. I think when they got the 11 point lead, Fortner was trying to rest a few players a little, because they'd have to play the very next night, and maybe that's how they messed around and let Mississippi State back in it. Oh well.

Checking the WNIT site real quick, it looks like the only requirement to get selected is at least a .500 record, which they have. I think during the broadcast they said their RPI was in like the 80s or so, so yeah they should get in.

Maybe they'll get to host a game. Hopefully the plans to host the first round of the NCAAs won't conflict it.

MikeP said...

I'm ready for a coaching change. As a long time fan of AU's women's team, I've seen enough.

One good year, achieved by having Bonner and Boddie, two stars that were not recruited by the power programs does not get it done. Even then, we were eliminated in the second round of the SEC tournament and eliminated again in the second round of the NCAA's, both times by teams with inferior talent. Auburn can do much better.

The remarkable Alli Smalley deserved better. The others coming after her deserve better and they won't get it unless there is a coaching change.

MikeP said...

About that Women's NIT, we can't go. Must have won at least half of your games to qualify. For the second straight year, the team finishes below .500. 15-16 overall, 8-9 in the SEC gets you nothing but a trip to clean out your locker.

I, too feel sorry for Smalley. She played her heart out and was talented enough to have played on any of Auburn's great teams.

Best of luck to you, Allie, you were a credit to your team and a credit to Auburn.

Andy Bitter said...

Tigers finished 15-15, so they would be eligible.