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Monday, March 14, 2011

The War Eagle Extra is moving

Big news today for the site: the War Eagle Extra is moving.

Because all of you readers have frequented the War Eagle Extra so often, the Ledger-Enquirer has decided to move the blog to a place where we have full control of the site.

The good news: The new site will look almost exactly the same. In fact, it's practically a mirror image, although we may tinker with design and formatting in the upcoming months. (Suggestions are welcome. Post in the comments section.) Here's the address -- http://www.wareagleextra.com -- so be sure to change your bookmarks. This page will still exist, although it will redirect you to our new page.

(Bonus good news that I forgot to mention: the new site will be more mobile friendly for those of you who check it on your phones. Hopefully this goes off without a hitch, too.)

The bad news: I do believe any Blogspot log-in information for commenting purposes will not carry over to the new site. You'll still be able to comment by entering a username and e-mail address (realtalk: it doesn't have to be authentic), so don't let the new system discourage you.

We're doing this for a couple of reasons. First, the Wordpress site gives us complete control of the blog. Second, it'll be easier to monetize through the eventual sale of ads. You might hear "ads" and "monetize" and be put off, but the newspaper biz ain't pretty right now economically, so every little bit helps. In fact, we're probably long overdue for this anyway. Any future ads, I'm told, will be unobtrusive (read: no pop-ups).

So thank you for frequenting the blog enough that we can even consider making this switch. And be sure to change your bookmarks so you don't miss out on any Auburn coverage. We'll be making the official switch around 5 p.m. ET today.


Anonymous said...

I like webninja's google analytics plugin. And yeah, wordpress is a lot nicer than this crap. Congrats on stepping up out of the blogger ghetto.

Jonesy said...

As long as I can read the full article in Google Reader (a feature not found on every other Auburn beat writer's blog), I'm still happy

scottie burns said...

you're welcome. :)

Andy Bitter said...

Also, it should be noted that the new site will be more mobile friendly than the old one. Hopefully that goes off without a hitch.

RunInRed said...

Daily reader. Keep up the good work AB and best of luck with the transition.

scottie burns said...
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scottie burns said...

when JGT moved everything to a new site it allowed a lot more flexibility. hope it all goes well for you and the LE. i do like the blogger format, though. it keeps everything in a timeline.

Anonymous said...

dang I was hoping your blog moved away as in away gone dissapeared

Andy Bitter said...

Hate to disappoint you.