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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday practice update

A few things today:

-- Finally, somebody calls out the defensive players for claiming all their problems last week were due to "miscommunication" and "misalignments."

"That's bull crap," defensive tackles coach Don Dunn said. "If they can see, they can get the call. I don't buy into that."

-- WR Mario Fannin could return to running back later this season if his surgically repaired shoulder holds up well the next few games.

-- Dunn on the defensive tackles, who all seem about even right now: "None of them have a permanent job." Sounds like they better be on their game at all times.

-- Everybody who has been nicked up practiced Thursday except RB Tristan Davis, who got kneed in the head on a kick return last week. It doesn't sound like he'll be ready for Saturday.

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