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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday update

After months of saying things to the contrary, head coach Tommy Tuberville basically said today that Auburn doesn't have the right parts to run the "Tony Franklin Offense" in its true form. Here's what he had to say:

"I love this offense. It's going to be great. I'm glad we've gone to it. It's going to give us some options. We're 4-1 and played a very tough schedule to this point and we hadn't hardly seen anything from this offense. Once we get going it's going to be much better. There's no panic mode.

"The only thing that we do, and I make sure we give our players the opportunity with the talent we have. One day we'll have the talent that we can say, 'Well, we'll run 100 percent of what Tony likes to run.' Right now, we don't have that talent in some areas. We have to take advantage of our offense, the talent, versus the defenses that we play. Some weeks we'll look a little different. Some weeks we'll look the same. But I like it."

Asked if he would stick with the same offense next year, Tuberville said this:

"Oh yeah. But we'll always tweak it. We don't run Tony Franklin's spread offense. This is Auburn's offense. It's like our defense. We're going to run what works and what we're going to match up better with the other team. Everybody has to do that. You can't put a -- how does it go? -- a square peg in a round hole. Why would you do that?

"I'm here to win games. I'm not here to win friends and run for public office. Our players understand that. You get in these battles in these games we're in, you better go in with some confidence, not just with your coaches, but your players' confidence that it's going to work. The spread offense is a heck of an offense. We're going to run more of it as we go. Heck, we might run it 100 percent this week just depending on the situation."

Seems like stuff everybody already knew. It's just refreshing to hear it from the head coach.

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