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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday practice update

-- RB Brad Lester, who must have walked under a ladder carrying a black cat some point during the preseason, is fine after undergoing an MRI on his knee over the weekend. Head coach Tommy Tuberville said Lester was running around during practice today.

-- RB Tristan Davis got kicked in the head on one of the returns and is "still a little fuzzy," Tuberville said. He won't get hit in practice this week.

-- Tuberville on this week's opponent, the Volunteers: "Their team is a lot like ours in that they've had a change in offense, a change in offensive coordinators, a new quarterback, and they've had some setbacks, but they're still Tennessee. They're a proud football team that plays very hard."

-- Auburn's defenders continue to claim that they were "misaligned" 90 percent of the time against LSU on Saturday and that's what led to the Bengal Tigers' gaudy rushing stats. Seems a bit high to me. At some point don't you have to give at least a little credit to the other team?

-- DE Gabe McKenzie said his interception return for a touchdown was a completely improvised play. Auburn only had 10 players on the field and no play called, so he followed the back out of the backfield and stepped in the throwing lane.

-- QB Chris Todd had to race out of the athletic complex to prevent his car from being ticketed right after practice (the guy can't seem to get a break right now). Got to give him kudos for still coming back to do interviews with the press afterward. A lot of guys would have skipped out.

That's all for now. Hope to have a video up later.


Scott said...

you said... "At some point don't you have to give at least a little credit to the other team?"

No Andy, in the SEC, we NEVER give any credit to the other team! If we lose, it's because we messed up, not because the other team is better. It's ok though, you're allowed a couple rookie mistakes... LOL.

Auburn Tiger info said...


Could Auburn at least quit claiming it was lined up incorrectly on 90 percent of the plays? That seems insulting to our intelligence.