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Friday, July 24, 2009

AC, Tommy Trott in the spotlight

Antonio Coleman and Tommy Trott joined Gene Chizik in representing Auburn at the SEC Media Days. Here is some of what they had to say:
  • AC has talked with former DT Sen'Derrick Marks, who opted to bypass his senior season for the NFL. Any regrets? "We talk to coach (Tracy) Rocker, he came and met with coach Rocker a couple of times and he'll say 'Man I wish I stayed and could play for him,'" Coleman said. "Obviously he played at Auburn and he knows a lot about doing what you have to do to get to the next level. But I don't think he has any regrets. He probably wanted to play for Coach Rocker because coach Rocker is a great coach. I think he's just living life and he's just ready to get out there and play for the Titans."
  • Coleman described he and Rocker's relationship as father and son. "And I haven't even known him that long," Coleman said. "I call him with any problems. I see him every day and call him, sitting around on the couch, call him to see how he's doing. We're just close, man, real close. I had coach Price for the first couple years and he taught me so much. But coach Rocker has taught me so much also. I'm just thankful those guys have helped get me where I am today."
  • Rocker is not shy about challenging players, though. The two had a dust-up in the spring but ironed out all their problems. "He challenged me when I first got here and I was kind of slow starting off in the spring. People didn't know what to expect, what type of coach he was. You sit down and talk to him, he doesn't hold anything back. He's going to say what's on his mind. You have to be a man and stand up and take that. Most of the guys on the team respect that. He wants the best for you. He's been through all that, he's played in the NFL, he's won accolades at Auburn so he knows what he's talking about so we're blessed to be coached by a guy that knows about the game so much."
  • It didn't bother Coleman that Auburn was picked fifth in the SEC West. "I don't buy into anything," he said. "It's all preseason hype. If you do this, they think that. At the end of the day these teams have to get out there and play each other and you have to get out there and produce. That's all it's going to come down to."
  • One reporter asked every player which SEC coach they would like to play for other than their own. Coleman struggled to come up with an answer. "Ahh, Muschamp, why did you have to go to the Big 12?" he said. Will Muschamp was Auburn's defensive coordinator from 2006-07. Coleman eventually chose South Carolina's Steve Spurrier."
  • Coleman claims Chizik has a sense of humor, but he says Trooper Taylor is hands down the craziest of the assistant coaches. "He's just like one of the guys you're hanging out at the apartment when you're outside of football," he said. "You just go with him and just crack jokes. You just have fun with him. But when you step on the field, it's about business. But every now and then he gives you a laugh or a joke that has you cracking up. But you need to have a coach on the staff like that at all times. It keeps us guys humble."
  • Trott's thoughts on offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn: "The first impression's been great. We've been with him all through the spring and as much as possible since then because he can't be out there in the summer. He's a football nut, football 24/7. He's brought a successful offense here, and hopefully things will work well. Hopefully with Coach Malzahn, we can establish an identity and figure out what we want to do as an offense. You look at what Coach Malzahn has done in his year at Arkansas and those years at Tulsa, and you know he's been successful everywhere he's been."
  • How does Auburn get its swagger back? "The easier answer is by being physical," Trott said. "That's something that maybe has been lost over the last five years. That's something coach Chizik has been preaching. There was a lot more contact in drills in the spring than since I've been here. Antonio's right, we're going to try to get that swag back."
  • Trott on Chizik: "He's brought an aura, an enthusiasm, because he's excited to be back at Auburn. He's been preaching physicality, and hopefully brought more discipline to the team, things like taking your hats off in the building and pulling your pants up.

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