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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let the tweeting begin!

After months of resistance, I've registered for a Twitter account. I've long been against the whole Twitter phase, just because I'm rarely interested in whether somebody is "bummed to be doing laundry :(" or "just had a delicious meal at the Olive Garden." I just don't care about stuff like that and promise not to tweet (twitt? Help me, I'm new at this) in that manner.

However, I understand how much of a social media tool Twitter can be. For instance, when I put up a relevant Auburn blog post, I'll put it on Twitter (the blog's Mississippi State opponent preview was my first tweet.) If something newsy comes out of a press conference, I'll put it up there in short form before elaborating longer on my blog or in a story. And sometimes a news item is only worth a tweet (TE Tommy Trott making the Mackey Award watch list, for example). It just seems like a good way to inform readers of information quickly and efficiently, with the ability to promote other work that I've done as well.

So I encourage all of you loyal War Eagle Extra readers to follow me on Twitter here (I have a running bet with Ashton Kutcher, so please help me out). My handle is wareagleextra just to make things easy to find.

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