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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Auburn's football roster is out ... a few thoughts

Auburn put its new roster up online today. Here are a few thoughts and observations to get you through Wednesday ...
  • Freshman numbers: 1 Trovon Reed; 3 Chris Davis; 4 Shaun Kitchens; 5 Michael Dyer; 5 Jake Holland; 6 Jonathan Mincy; 6 Antonio Goodwin; 10 LaDarius Owens; 12 Demetruce McNeal; 13 Craig Sanders; 24 Ryan Smith; 28 Ryan White; 30 Steven Clark; 30 Twun Bonner; 31 Trent Fisher; 33 Jessel Curry; 36 Cody Parkey; 37 Ladarious Phillips; 38 Jawara White; 48 Dakota Mosley; 52 Justin Delaine; 54 Jeffrey Whitaker; 55 Corey Lemonier; 60 Eric Mack; 62 Chad Slade; 64 Forrest Hill; 65 Tunde Fariyike; 68 Ed Christian; 91 Joel Bonomolo; 92 Kenneth Carter.
  • Of the freshmen, Whitaker is a big boy, officially listed at 308 pounds. So is Fariyike at 330. But Mack, who is 361 pounds, is by far the heaviest in the class and on the team.
  • DB Rodney Cofield, a walk-on redshirt freshman, isn't on the roster. Nor is spring game star WR Nathan Taylor, another walk-on. I'm not sure if this is a case where these guys are added later in August or not.
  • Trent Fisher, a defensive back, is the son of Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher. He's a walk-on.
  • OG Mike Berry is listed at 316 pounds. He was 323 last spring. That makes Lee Ziemba (319 pounds) the heaviest starter on the offensive line. Never thought I'd see Berry not have that title.
  • DL Nosa Eguae is up to 258 pounds. He was 249 last spring and 244 last season. Fellow lineman Dee Ford is up to 240. He was listed at 214 last fall.
  • TE Philip Lutzenkrichen is bigger, listed at 258 pounds. He was 246 in the spring.
  • RB Onterio McCalebb is at 171 pounds. That's considerably bigger than last fall but not quite the mound of twisted steel he and Curtis Luper made it sound like he'd be this year.
  • DB Anthony Gulley-Morgan (the former Anthony Gulley) looks like he's just going by Anthony Morgan now.
  • QB Cam Newton is still big. 6-6, 250 according to the roster.
  • OG John Sullen is listed at a svelte 312. He was 323 in the spring and 346 last fall.
You readers are usually a lot more eagle-eyed than I. Notice any other things of note on the roster?


Adam E. said...

Regarding Coleman, he is not even enrolled this fall. He has said that he hopes to enroll next summer, and redshirt the 2011 season which should allow him to be fully recovered and ready to go in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Bitter ...thanks for the heads up on the roster and good comments on the weights.

Anonymous said...

What is the vibe on Ladarius Phillips? What will his role be?

Andy Bitter said...

Sounds like he will get his shot as a running back to start out. And at 6 feet, 290 pounds, I'm real interested in seeing what he's like in the backfield.

Anonymous said...

Jawara White coming in at a beastly 243? And Evans put on some weight too at 230. He couldn't have been more than about 205 last year.

Jim Rome said...

I've never quite grasped the 'two players, one number' thing. Holland andDyer both with 5!?!

Aubie said...

wait... what are all you people doing here?!

Anonymous said...

Shon Coleman jersey number is 77 on NCAA Football 11' on PS3 but Greene worn #77. What number will he going to be?

Andy Bitter said...

Yup, White is a big guy. Evans last year was 20, so he's packed on some pounds.

As far as numbers, two players can have the same number as long as they're not on the field at the same time (offense/defense), which would lead me to believe there won't be any special teams duty in Dyer's future.

Tar Heel Tiger said...

War Eguae!!! Nosa's turning into a beast. I hope he turns out to be an All-American by the time he leaves AU.

CH=B=Nidiots said...

Hey, I recognize some of you from another blog.

Good stuff as always.

Commish of Old Pimps said...

To me, the line is where the weight counts. I note that Brandon Mosley is up to 299; believe he was in the 270s on arrival. I knew we had the starters to compare with anyone, but we've got to have the best two-deep OL in the country. Very impressive.

Andy Bitter said...

I think the one-deep is good for the offensive line, and whoever doens't start between Gayden/Mosley will be a good sub.

But beyond that, it's Sullen (nedds to make big strides still), Eddins (always hurt) and a bunch of young gusy. I don't know if that backup crew is quite ready for primetime yet.