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Thursday, July 22, 2010

SEC Media Days, Part II: The Internet Redemption

We're back for Part II of SEC Media Days in Hoover. The blog would like to apologize for the limited number of posts yesterday. The Internet situation at The Wynfrey was a disaster yesterday.

The SEC's solution? They told us to close out some of our web browsers so we didn't use as much bandwith during the day. Great solution, guys. I can't write anything online because somebody has their Facebook page open? Get real. I'm guessing when you set up a media outing like this, the first step should be to decide a location and the second to set up a trustworthy system of getting online.

OK, I"m getting worked up. Back to the football. It was an interesting first day. Agents were the topic du jour, with Mike Slive, Nick Saban and Urban Meyer banding together for Team Student-Athlete to combat agents who corrupt a player's eligibility. Of course, Saban and Meyer both have players being investigated for taking extra benefits, so, while I don't question how genuine their reactions are, their sudden outrage involves quite a bit of grandstanding.

So what happened yesterday? Here are a couple stories from various writers that appeared in our paper:

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Tar Heel Tiger said...

great coverage, AB! Thanks for all the links.