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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Submit a question for Auburn AD Jay Jacobs

After a brief return, I'll be heading out again for this holiday weekend, jetting up to Minnesota to see the family. Golf, poker and a game at the new Twins stadium are all on the docket. It should be a good time.

But while I'm gone, I'd like your input. I have sitdown interview with Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs on July 15, and while I have a number of questions I'd like to ask him, I'm curious what YOU would like to ask him.

It can be questions about anything -- Jordan-Hare expansion, athletic budgets, seating priorities, the direction of any number of programs or even stuff that's not that serious, like the size of the logo on Auburn's helmets (although some people would consider that serious, I guess). Whatever you feel like asking, send it to me. If it's a good question, I'll ask it and print his response in the newspaper and on the blog, with proper attribution to you, of course.

I'll keep this post up for anyone who would like to submit questions in the comments section below. Or, if you'd like, you can tweet your question at me on Twitter here. Or you can e-mail me at abitter@ledger-enquirer.com. You can write your real name with your questions, leave it as a username or if you'd prefer, keep your anonymity.

The more questions the better, so I encourage you to chime in. And if you know of someone who would be interested in submitting a question who doesn't usually peruse this blog, be sure to forward a link of this post along. We'll see how this works and perhaps use it in future interview situations. Thanks in advance and have a good Fourth of July weekend.


Robert said...

Not a question for Jacobs, but a plead. Please don't hang out with Damon Evans!

Anonymous said...

Over the next four years, will the Athletic Department attempt to schedule two games in one season against out-of-conference perennial top-25 (or ~35) D-1 FBS teams, including a season opener?

Alex L said...

I've got some questions.

1. What's next for the athletic program building-wise, after the soccer-complex and basketball arena are done? Is there anything else on the table beyond the new indoor practice facility? (which looks great, by the way)

2. What's the reasoning behind some of the most expensive football tickets in the country despite not selling out events?

3. Are the new larger helmet and field logos here to stay?

4. Not sure if this really falls under the AD's responsibilty, but is there any way you can get the eagle trainers to ger the eagle to do that peregrine falcon-esque nose dive like it did for the Ole Miss game more often?

5. Any chance of another AUHD video board to replace the north side scoreboard? I've sat really close to AUHD before and it's hard to see replays.

6. If there were to be any stadium expansion would the student section increase in size to fit proportionally the same percentage of attendees?

That's all I got. If your time is limited to ask only a couple of those if a lot of others add their questions on as well, that's fine.

Chris K. said...

Just ask how it felt like going from Auburn's Public Enemy #1, to probably making Auburn one of the most complete SEC program in any sport they compete in--even fishing.

Anonymous said...

What improvements/expansion projects are on the horizon for Jordan-Hare?

I think it would be really cool if Jordan-Hare was given a face lift in terms of painting it navy blue and would love to hear his thoughts on this.

RC said...

After enduring quite a bit of criticism for the Gene Chizik hire, does Jacobs feel vindicated by the way the fan base has warmed up to the choice?

Skip Hansberger said...

Chris K's question is a good one. Jacobs will be ready for that one, though (not that you're trying to nail him on anything, because we don't want to get you blacklisted or anything, haha)

I would like to know about the possibility of a second HD scoreboard, as well.

Skip Hansberger said...

Oh, and I also like the idea of an expanded student section and lower ticket prices. I think it would lead to more sellouts and possibly result in an increased need for expansion. And as well all know, large stadiums are a nice draw for recruits.

easyedwin said...

Will you please bring back the drinking fountains? Buying water is just wrong.

Anonymous said...


A few years ago, the rumor was that they were going to expand the seating behind the northern end zone.

Anon #1: no. Auburn and Tiger fans love cupcakes on the schedule.

RC: At the time, I felt that Chizek was a good choice. He had built great defenses at AU and UT, and he was an 'Auburn man'. He wasn't a popular choice, but he was the right choice.

Jugar Poker said...
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W. Hoover said...

Obviously there has been vindication with the Chizik hire. People love him because, so far, he's put an excellent product on the field. But as importantly he clearly runs a clean program where coaches like to coach/mentor and players like to play/progress/mature/. So, I would like to know Mr. Jacobs philosophy on balancing a successful program when fan perception turns sour due to perceived mediocrity on the field. i.e. everyone loves Chizik but the "fans" have grown tired of, say, 9 win seasons. Put succinctly, what does it take to keep Chizik around for 10 years? Is that a goal Mr. Jacobs has in mind?

JaSteveFC said...

Expansion of Jordan Hare in terms of seating doesn't make a lot of sense at the moment until tickets become harder to come by. What moves are planned to increase attendance?

As for scheduling, I have a suggestion more than a question. It isn't that we need to replace the cream puffs on our schedule with top notch opponents. I think we just need to avoid playing the total cupcakes, even if it means losing one home game a year to play decent competition on a home and home basis. I am thinking of teams like Memphis, Southern Miss, the Carolina schools, etc... We could actually have one less home game and still make season tickets more attractive.

Joe said...

What is next for Jordan-hare?
I know it's stupid but is the orange AU symbol going to remain at midfield because that always annoyed me.
Someone already asked about another HD jumbotron on the other side and I think that's a cool idea. I also agree with a larger student section because I'm an incoming freshman and there is good chance I will not get a full season my fist year.

Benjamin said...

I'm on board with increasing the size of the student section, the students are the lifeblood of the school and the team's support. Take WV for example, when everyone was running for the hills they stood strong in support of the team, that kind of support speaks volumes to recruits. I also kind of like the idea of a navy Jordan-Hare, It'd be like the swamp only dark blue and much more intimidating.

Jack in Atlanta said...

Andy, please ask Jay when/if he plans on scheduling a season opener for Auburn in Atlanta. Sort of dissapointed that we passed on our last opportunity. It seems as though every year, whoever plays that first game gets talked about all summer during the down time... thats a good opportuinity to spark some interest in the young recruits! (also this fills the void for other fans who wish we would schedule tougher non conference opponents.)

*too add on to the person above my comment, it would be cool if more student section was added on and some sort of recognition was given to the students who sat through the rain delay to commemorate their commitment. (Maybe an overhang perhaps?)

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Auburn retire Tracy Rocker's jersey? The program has retired the jerseys of Bo, Pat Sullivan and Terry Beasley, but not Rocker -- one of the most dominant defensive players in college football history. Now that he's back at Auburn, isn't it time?

Jerry said...

What would it take for Auburn to field a sanctioned wrestling team ?

Jerry Romine

Marmot said...

Jerry, the end of Title 9. We will never pick up another male only sport until the NCAA changes its female athlete quota.

My question for Jacobs: Get him to break down for you the money associated with a home game and why the Athletic Department won't give one up every other year even if they had to schedule Auburn High School. Seriously, it would be a fascinating article to dissect the politics of losing a home game. I also want to know if the pressures of maintaining a certain quota of home games is different in Auburn than in Athens or Baton Rouge. Do the local businesses have more influence in Auburn?

Tar Heel Tiger said...

Can we please get a basketball schedule?

kepler said...

when are we finally going to expand and renovate jordan hare stadium?and why did we let bama pass us bye, in making bryant denny larger?