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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Brian Fletcher's baseball roots born in MLB

We're only a day away from postseason baseball in Auburn. All the teams are here and will have interview sessions this afternoon, so there will probably be some information coming out later today.

In the meantime, I wrote a feature on left fielder Brian Fletcher for today's newspaper. Here's how it starts:
AUBURN, Ala. — Brian Fletcher’s earliest baseball memories are clouded by time, a hazy recollection of his younger years hanging around a big league clubhouse with his father, Scott, a 15-year veteran for six major league teams.

But he has heard the stories, such as when he would rummage through Frank Thomas’ locker in the White Sox clubhouse, occasionally to the Big Hurt’s chagrin, or how he would plop down in front of a TV set whenever his father played.

“Even when he was just a real, real little kid, that’s what he wanted to watch,” Scott said. “He’s always loved baseball.”

Nothing’s changed for the Fayetteville, Ga., product. Fletcher, a junior on an Auburn squad prepared to make its first NCAA tournament appearance since 2005 on Friday, is poised to follow his father into the professional ranks. He is a projected fourth- to seventh-round pick in next week’s Major League Baseball draft.

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