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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Auburn players report, begin practice tomorrow

With summer workouts, meetings and classes connecting spring practice and the fall, reporting day has lost its luster as a day that gets circled on the calendar of the college football schedule.

"It kind of means you meet with reporters," center Ryan Pugh joked. "That's about it."

Pugh said almost everyone one the team was present throughout all of the voluntary summer workouts. Meeting as a team Tuesday wasn't a big deal.

"Those guys all pretty much stay in town because they realize how valuable it is," Pugh said. "You can't really be successful without it. Today will be just like the same meeting we had two weeks ago."

Auburn's players had a meeting Tuesday night. They'll hit the practice field for the first time tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m. ET.

"Tomorrow we really crank it up," Pugh said. "Tonight we just meet."

Here are some other quick notes from today's interviews:
  • Your preseason favorite of the freshmen to contribute right away: WR Trovon Reed. Quarterback Cam Newton said he "kicked the door down" in summer workouts, always eager to learn something new. Demond Washington raved about his route running.
  • LG Byron Isom said the extra bodies on the offensive line will be "a pleasure" this August. More bodies means more rest between reps.
  • Isom said DTs Mike Blanc and Nick Fairley impressed him during workouts and said the d-line will be the most improved group this year.
  • Antoine Carter, who opted not to remove the "Hot Boy" tattoo on his face for now, said freshmen Corey Lemonier and Jeffrey Whitaker (aka "Big Jeff") impressed him during summer workouts. Lemonier reminds him of himself, with speed and aggressiveness.
  • Cam Newton said his knowledge of the offense is a "day-to-day" thing, saying he had a grasp on it "for the most part." "You never know with a coach Malzahn offense," he said.
  • The team has a bunch of seniors, especially on offense. Newton thinks that will help him a lot. "I feel protected," he said.
  • Demond Washington wouldn't mind doing punt returns again this year, if the coaches will let him. As for kicks, he said: I think I’m pretty much going to get the kick return job."
I'll be back with more later and hopefully a video as soon as I sift through some quotes.

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