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Sunday, October 19, 2008

No decision on Trotter yet

Hope everyone enjoyed the nice two-day hiatus there for the bye week. Now back to business.

Auburn had an afternoon practice, but Tommy Tuberville met briefly with the media beforehand.

We'll have players and a little more of Tuberville today after practice, which the coach said should be one of the longer ones of the year. So be sure to check back on this page later.

In the meantime, here's what Tuberville had to say early on:
  • Still no news on a second-team quarterback yet. Tuberville wanted to wait until the team puts in the second half of its game plan before making a decision.
  • Tuberville on the QBs: "We need another day. It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped in terms of mistakes and stuff, by all of them. We need another day of looking at all of them and kind of figure out who can do what."
  • He said if the staff decides to play freshman QB Barrett Trotter (pictured), it would probably be for certain plays. He likened the situation to when Burns went in for Brandon Cox last year. "Whoever plays the other role is not going to know it all," Tuberville said. "You can’t expect them to. They’ll know an abbreviated version."
  • Is that worth it to use Trotter like that and burn the redshirt? "Yeah," Tuberville said. "And it will just give him a chance to work that role a little further along."
  • CB Jerraud Powers (hamstring) is going to see if he can go. "I don't want to put him out there and lose him for the rest of the year," Tuberville said.
More later ...

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