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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Franklin offers few comments as he leaves

Got to the Auburn Athletic Complex just in time to watch Tony Franklin pack up his things. He hugged a few athletic department assistants before loading books and boxes into his SUV.

“Y’all look like you got fired,” he joked with reporters as he passed.

He offered no comment on the situation, saying that he needed to speak with “some people” before he would answer questions from the media.

Asked why he packed up his stuff so quickly, Franklin said, “I don’t have any reason to hang around.”

For the full story so far, click here.

I will post an update once Tommy Tuberville speaks, which should be in an hour or so.

I don't know if I've seen something quite like this before. Publicly, Tuberville said that it would be a "disaster" to scrap the offense at this point of the season. And that was yesterday.

That would lead me to believe this is more of a personality mismatch than anything. Franklin has said autonomy to run the offense as he saw fit was one of the biggest selling points when he took the Auburn job.

From what everyone has observed, the offense the Tigers were running was not close to what Franklin wanted to run. He's not a one-back, two-tight end kind of guy. Tuberville telling him to put backup quarterback Kodi Burns in the Tennessee game undermined him as well.

Anyone else have thoughts?

UPDATE: Tuberville's comments from Tuesday, saying it would be a "major disaster" to ditch the spread offense right now.

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