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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nothing personal, just no production

That was essentially Tommy Tuberville's reasoning for firing offensive coordinator Tony Franklin seven games into his stint at Auburn.

Tuberville met briefly with the media after Wednesday's practice. Here was his opening statement:
"It hurts. It hurts bad. It's a difficult situation, a difficult thing to do in the middle of the season. My responsibility is to this football team and it always will be. Tony's a good person, a good guy. He's got a great family, big family man. Basically, what it all comes down to is production, and I didn't think the last few weeks we were making any progress."
Tuberville said that Auburn remains loyal to the spread, for this season and in subsequent years.

No clue yet who will call the plays. Tuberville said he'll discuss it with his coaches tonight. Offensive line coach Hugh Nall and tight ends coach Steve Ensminger basically split the duties in 2003.

Here's the video, essentially unedited:


chad's robin said...

so Tubs ignored your questions? sad. guess you'll have to spend some time figuring him out.

Scott H. said...

WOW! I'm not surprised that Franklin has been fired, I am surprised it happened 3 days before the 7th game of the season. Better now than later I say, at least this gives Auburn an early start on next season, since this season is probably a wash.

Who knows what's gonna happen, Turberville could be bluffing and we could see a return to their old offense and the spread might be gone. Rememebr when Tubs hired Franklin before the bowl game last year, Tubs said "we will not run a new offense in the bowl game" Yet when the bowl game came, all we saw was the spread.

Andy, you are doing an excellent job covering this! Thanks for your work!