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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday update

Not a whole lot going on at practice today, but there were a few things:
  • Head coach Tommy Tuberville didn't know who will start at middle linebacker -- Josh Bynes or Tray Blackmon, who is still recovering from a crack in his left wrist. Tuberville said probably Bynes, but Blackmon most certainly will play.
  • FB John Douglas (knee) and WR James Swinton (knee) will both be eased back into game action this weekend.
  • Wes Byrum will handle field goals after a solid week of practice. Tuberville said the sophomore, who has missed his last three field goals, just needs to take his practice approach to the game.
  • Expect some more traditional formations to complement the spead offense against Vanderbilt. "I think what we're doing -- putting a little two-back, one-back, underneath the center, two tight ends -- helps the spread," Tuberville said. "It makes them work on something else and takes the working time away from the meat and potatoes of what we really want to do."
  • Tuberville didn't quite draw a comparison but basically said this defense stacks up favorably with some of the best ones he's coached. "You always look at performance, and this group's really performing," he said.

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