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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday update

A few things to come out of Tuesday's meeting with selected players and head coach Tommy Tuberville.
  • Got news from WR Rod Smith that offensive coordinator Tony Franklin had a renewed energy about him Tuesday, getting very hands-on and actually running routes to show receivers how it's supposed to be done. This doesn't sound like a defeated man.
  • Defensive tackle Tez Doolittle noticed a different enthusiasm from the offense today.
"I could hear it. Everybody turned around looking, 'What's going on?' I see everybody getting down and running plays real quick and fast. Everybody getting to the endzone. Just a lot of noise out there today. ... It looked a lot different. Guys were getting going out there."
  • Tuberville sounded as committed as ever to the spread, and while there will be more traditional running plays for the time being, the future at Auburn will be the spread.
  • Don't believe me? Here's his quote:
"We're still going to run the spread offense. We went to this, but we'll tweak it every week. ... I look at half the teams in the Top 10, they run the spread. I've talked to most of the coaches and they had the same problems when they first put it in. We knew we'd have problems when they first put it in. A lot of the people didn't expect some of the struggles outside of our football team. What is real important is for our players within our football team understanding what we're trying to do, and they do. We're going to get better at it."
  • CB Jerraud Powers (hamstring) is doubtful this week. DT Sen'Derrick Marks (ankle) sounds like he'll play.


Anonymous said...

So if Tubberville is really commited to the sperad offense, does that mean no 2-TE sets? That was the best thing about Auburn's offense against Vandy. Even bammers like Herbstreit and Musburger said so.

Scott H. said...

Looks like Turberville is doubling down and going for all or nothing.

It's clear to everybody, except the coaches, that Auburn does not have the talent required to run the spread effectively, "wanting it" and working hard isn't enough, you actually have to have the talent, and Auburn doesn't. I don't care if Tony Frankling is jumping through rings of fire while juggling daggers, Auburn does not currently have the talent to run the spread offense.

The only way I see Auburn having any chance with the spread is to get Chris Todd out and put in Kodi Burns, either way though, it's gonna be a looooong season.

Scott H. said...

I was going to go to the game this saturday, but now I don't think I can justify spending $120+ for tix for me and my wife, so we can watch Auburn score 6 points and probably lose to Arkansas. I would say Auburn would score 10 points, but Wes Byrun will probably miss a field goal or two and an extra point after the Auburn defense scores the lone touchdown of the game for Auburn.

I hope I'm wrong, but dang Auburn has an UGLY offense. Between the passing game and the kicking game, it's enough to make me crazy. Maybe I'll pay-per-view the game.

JennySue said...

Why does AU continue to switch QB's like every play? #12 just doesn't look that good. I am nervous though that AU line is going to push UGA around. We can't block anyone. Yall got a good D-fence. (grew up in Ctown, GA, so I follow AU too) Good luck to yall til we come down there :)

aubigcat said...

I think the notion that AU doesnt have the talent to run the spread is just an excuse. High schools run this offense, Troy was effective with it, and so are many college teams throughout the country with much less talent than AU. It's a new system with basically two rookie QBs trying to get adjusted to SEC defenses. Let's give it time to work.

Scott H. said...

you said... "I think the notion that AU doesnt have the talent to run the spread is just an excuse"... I say, it's not an excuse, it's my opinion.

So, are you saying that you think Chris Todd has the talent it takes to be a starting quarterback in an SEC spread-offense? You can't compare the SEC to highschool football and Troy's weak division. Have you actually watched Chris Todd play? He is slow on his feet and his arm is clearly not healthy, he currently limited arm strength, and from what I've read his arm strength may not be back to 100% until next season.

I was at an Auburn/Syracuse game several years ago, Auburn was losing and starting quarterback Daniel Cobb was playing terrible as usual. Turberville, stubborn as ever, refused to take him out until the crowd started chanting for the backup QB... a guy by the name of Jason Campbell. Campbell finally went in and had a breakout performance and Auburn came back to win the game, and Campbell won the starting job and I think nobody has heard from Daniel Cobb since. The morale of this story.... stop being stubborn Turberville! At least give Auburn a chance and let Kodi play a whole game, not just 3 snaps in a game! If Kodi can't throw, well neither can Todd, at least Kodi can run.