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Monday, October 20, 2008

A paid political announcement from Tommy Tuberville

Got the video edited from Tommy Tuberville's press conference. Remember, this was unprompted. Tuberville felt compelled to address the situation, which tells me something he heard this week -- perhaps on a recruiting trip -- pushed him over the edge to the point where he had to address the rumors and innuendo out there.

Have a look and listen:

We only got three players today, so the response was limited. Right tackle Jason Bosley had a good take:

"I've heard all kinds of rumors from A to Z. So I just take them as rumors and don't read into anything until I hear it from him. ... I think that’s just the landscape of college football these days. As soon as any kind of trouble hits any team, the first thing that happens is they talk about the head coach, saying, ‘Oh, he’s in trouble.’ But I just try not to let it affect me and don’t worry about it."

And as for the notion that the coaches have lost their fire, he had this response: "The fire never left."

One last note: Auburn's game at Ole Miss on Nov. 1 is set for 12:30 p.m. EST and will be televised regionally by Raycom Sports.

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