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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Here's a snippet from today's SEC teleconference between Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville and a reporter for the Palm Beach Post.

Reporter: "Just wondering what is your impression of the job Nick Saban has done at Alabama, and also your thoughts on what it's been like for you guys kind of being passed by Alabama as the top team in the state."

Tuberville, after an incredibly long pause: "Next question."

I'm trying to get the audio up on the blog, but the site is giving me difficulty. Once I get it to work, I'll post it.


Acid Reign said...

.....Tuberville definitely needs to be focused on his own program, right now. Absolutely the right answer! We'll worry about gameplanning for the seventh in a row, in the two weeks after the Georgia game.

.....I also don't think you'll find may Auburn followers willing to concede ANYTHING to Bama and the Sabear.

.....Bama's had some big wins, this year, no doubt. They've also played down to a couple of teams: Tulane and Kentucky. The Iron Bowl's hardly a foregone conclusion, at this point.

EagleHorn said...

This season . . . Ain't .. Over .. Yet!

Reggie said...

Auburn will school Alabama like it routinely does. They will end up swallowing a bone before they get to the Auburn game and will choke just like they always do!!! War Eagle! Just so you know, I don't know a single Auburn fan who is at all worried about what Alabama is doing...good or bad. We just really don't think abouth them chumps.

herktiger said...

I would like to commend Coach Tuberville for not saying out loud what the reporter deserved and was clearly on his mind. Is the dolt a gator homer who got his shot in after years of having AU shut their toothless chomp or a closet bammer down in south New York? Wonder how many more questions he'll get to ask after this episode...I suspect none to our coaches! War Eagle Coach Tuberville and stay focused on the task at hand!

Andy Bitter said...

I will say that I'm still not sure if the question was legit. It was a real name of a reporter from Florida, but the tone of the question sounded like someone who had crashed the teleconference. It wouldn't be the first time the call has been breached.

Still trying to get the thing up online. For some reason the audio/video upload isn't working today.

Scott H. said...

I think Turberville answered the question correctly. There's no reason to get sucked into a question like that. It's a no win situation. If Turberville says "We're still the #1 team in the state" Alabama would have it hanging all over the locker room and printed on game day T-shirts. If Turberville said "Nick Saban is awesome and I wish we were playing that good" Auburn fans would be calling for his head on a stick.

rbu said...

There is no doubt that our season has been a real mess on offense. I'm sick of the talk about Tuberville -the program is strong and will continue to be; he's a great leader and a man of character (no I am not a relative).

Saban has done a good job this year but his overall body-of-work will be hard to match Tuberville's. Honestly, I still think Saban is lying to recruits and their families about Auburn.

warreagle said...

WDE!!! WE've got those bammers right where we want them...let 'em keep on winning, right up until 11/29! I'm hearing it every day...CTT gave the same answer I have been to my bammer colleagues... *NOTHING*. It's nice to do the talking on the field.
Yeah, there will be bumps in the road when you're trying to marry up new coordinators. So what? At least CTT had the gumption and fortitude to see and realize Franklin wasn't gonna fit in. AU is (and will be) just fine.


Aubtigerman said...

Tuberville's Iron Bowl record: 7out of 9....Enough said !

Keep Tubs at AU said...

What is Tubs record vs. Satan? 4-2, something like that. Reporters can be such idiots.