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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday update

A lot of stuff came out of Tuesday's media session, despite it being the bye week. Here we go:
  • It's true, Kodi Burns is the starting quarterback for the West Virginia and beyond ... unless someone beats him out. I think it's just safer to say Burns will probably start the game in Morgantown.
  • Here are Tommy Tuberville's exact words. You interpret them: "Kodi, of course, is our quarterback right now. I said yesterday that he's the quarterback for us through the year. Obviously, if somebody steps up and does better, you've got competition at every position, that could change."
  • Tuberville, on Burns' 7-for-18, 119-yard, 2-interception performance last week: "I feel like Kodi didn't play all that bad last week. He just made some mistakes as you would think a third-game starter would probably make."
  • Freshman QB Barrett Trotter and, presumably, his people gave the OK to be a part of the team this season, so he might burn the redshirt is circumstances warrant it.
  • Tuberville, on playing Trotter (aka, the Bear): "It will depend on what Kodi does, how well he plays, how much better. Second-team quarterbacks don't play a whole lot. But if he moves up to second team, obviously, we'll think about playing him. But if we do play him, he'll get more than just a normal second-team quarterback. We'll play that by ear as we go along."
  • Linebacker Craig Stevens, on Trotter: "He’s got a lot of speed on the ball. ... But when he throws it, it gets there."
  • Tuberville said the team will decide on a second-team quarterback on Sunday.
  • Chris Todd will rest his sore arm until Sunday, so it's a good bet he won't be the backup.
  • CB Jerraud Powers (hamstring) says he'll play in the West Virginia game. "He'll go," Rhoads said. "I'm very confident in that. He wouldn't miss it for the world."

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