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Thursday, October 23, 2008

First quarter: Auburn 3, West Virginia 0

This is a different looking Auburn team, I’ll say that.

Now that is ball control, folks. That’s like a high school game.

20 plays. 16 runs. 81 yards. 9:54 off the clock. There’s your first quarter ladies and gentlemen. The only screw-up was a handoff at the goal line on third down, resulting in Wes Byrum’s 19-yard field goal.

Lots of I formation from Auburn on the first drive. I’d expect more of it. Interesting that Brad Lester and Mario Fannin got all the carries on the first drive. No Ben Tate. He’s got to be nursing that hammy.

Nice pick by Josh Bynes on Auburn’s first drive. West Virginia looked like it had a nice screen set up and Pat White just underthrew it.

On White’s second pick, Walt McFadden made a nice jump on the route. Don’t know who exactly was to blame on that one.

BTW, White had thrown one interception prior to this game. He had two in the first quarter.

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