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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Auburn 7, Arkansas 3, End 1st quarter

As expected, Kodi Burns started. But it’s a little bit of a surprise that Auburn ran nothing but the spread in the first quarter, going with no huddle. The Tigers ran 8 plays from scrimmage. All were from the shotgun.

Auburn did look more committed to running, though, utilizing Burns’ legs by calling a couple of option plays. Burns’ two passes were incomplete, but one was dropped by Tommy Trott.

Auburn finally got something out of its kick return unit, which ranked 93rd nationally entering the game. Tristan Davis went 97 yards for a touchdown with 6:33 left in the first. It was the first Tigers kick return for a touchdown since Brad Lester went 93 yards against Ball State in 2005. It’s the longest by an Auburn player since Tim Carter went 100 yards against LSU in 2000.

DT Sen’Derrick Marks has been coming in and out of the game, suggesting his ankle isn’t at 100 percent. He rarely, if ever, comes out of a game.

MLB Josh Bynes looks solid. He was all over the field during the quarter. The Tigers are certainly don’t lose anything with him in the game instead of Tray Blackmon.

Shay Haddock’s 27-yard field goal with 6:46 left was the first time Arkansas has scored in the first quarter this season.

Some stats:
  • Total plays: Arkansas 22, Auburn 8.
  • Total yards: Arkansas 134, Auburn 21.
  • Kick return yards: Auburn 116, Arkansas 24.

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