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Thursday, October 23, 2008

You're looking LIVE at Morgantown!

Yes, I'm in the press box 2 1/2 hours early for the Auburn-West Virginia (would have been four hours if the fine folks at West Virginia media relations had provided a map for parking). I will try to post what I can during the game tonight, but a 7:45 p.m. start is going to make things very tight on deadline.

This seems like a quintessential fall college football game. Plenty of different colored leaves on the trees and a pretty good nip in the air. It's expected to dip down into the 30's tonight. Fortunately I am in a heated press box for most of the night (I know you were all worried).

Anyway, not much to report so far from up in the box of Milan Puskar Stadium, which has to be the only stadium in the country named for a pharmaceutical magnate.

Lots of tailgating in the parking lot. From the amount of beer being purchased at a Sheets on my way in, I'm assuming West Virginia fans know how to "prepare" for a football game with the best of them.

Have a few observations about my flight from Atlanta to Pittsburgh this morning:
  • First of all, I saw not one, but TWO people in the concourse of the Atlanta airport on Segways. I've ridden one before. They're fun when you're doing a tour of some area or have an afternoon to kill. But who actually uses one of these while traveling? What do people do with them when they get to where they're going? I'm pretty sure it doesn't fit in the overhead compartment. Truly strange.
  • Secondly, the Pittsburgh airport has lifesize replicas of two great American icons: One, a young George Washington, who apparently fought to claim the fort that became Pittsburgh. The other? Steelers running back Franco Harris making the Immaculate Reception. Yup, I'd say Pittsburghers take their football seriously.

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