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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Live blogging Gene Chizik's teleconference

Gene Chizik is in the building. Here's what he's had to say:
  • "Had a tough loss last night against Kentucky. Had our chances to win the football game."
  • "Obviously we have to play much better than we did last night to win the game."
  • Other teams have seen "the gamut" from Auburn. Chizik thinks it comes down to execution at this point of the season.
  • He didn't want to keep coming back to depth problems factoring in. Thought the team was sloppy in the penalty game. Had problems from "some of our most reliable guys."
  • "Games 7, 8 and 9 of the college season are three of the toughest games as far as windows of execution." Chizik thinks that's when you see most of the upsets because there's nothing new out there for teams to do. The ones that get lulled to sleep get upset.
  • Eltoro Freeman has to work more on getting a better grasp of what's happening. Said he missed a lot of football during two-a-days and earlier this season.
  • Said it's "very important for him to do that" with the situation at linebacker.
  • On the penalty problems that came in the fourth quarter. "I am puzzled by it to a degree."
  • Field position was a big factor in the game. Chizik cited a few punts that Kentucky buried deep in Auburn territory.
  • "Every week this happens, this is new for us, for this coaching staff. We make it very clear to our guys that we play through the momentum swings, both good and bad."
  • "When they see the film and go through the film, I think it's pretty clear. When you do the things that don't allow you to win the game, they see it."
  • Urgency was there last week. Just didn't take advantage of opportunities.
  • If Chizik thought Freeman would be the best option, he would have put him out there.
  • Chizik said his team did in fact move early on a penalty that was called against them late in the game. There had been some dispute about that.
  • "We've named our starting quarterback and we've seen him play really well. We just need to get better. Not just Chris, our whole team. ... He's got to get better."
  • There's no concern about the weather affecting his shoulder.
  • Chizik sits down with the quarterbacks whether they're playing good or bad. He says confidence is not an issue with Todd.
  • Onterio McCalebb (ankle) is still having a little trouble cutting. "If we had a wish list he'd be perfect right now."
  • Auburn got its 19th commitment earlier today. Chizik feels great about it.
  • Doesn't think wins and losses will affect the recruits Auburn currently had. He does think it might be a factor in some of the bigger-named recruits the Tigers are still chasing.
  • On the subject of missed tackles: "When you have guys in position to make tackles, they've got to make tackles. We're seeing that over and over again."
  • Called visiting LSU's stadium "eventful."


Anonymous said...

I guess he didn't say anything about Todd. It seems to me that he has not been the same guy the last two games. Is it confidence, the shoulder, or something else? One thing is certain, he isn't making the throws he made at the beginning of the year. If he comes out the same way in LSU game, I think it is time to consider another QB.

Peter "Big Snacks" Frankenschmidt said...

no problem, Michael. It only hurts because it's true.