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Monday, October 19, 2009

Auburn-LSU on ESPN2, plus Monday links (10/19)

There's plenty of college football news out there in the world today, like this: the Auburn-LSU game will be televised by ESPN2 on Saturday, this according to the schedule posted on ESPN.com. Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Now for the links:
  • LSU's defense has been good, but it wants to get better in the second half of the season, writes Randy Rosetta of the Baton Rogue Advocate.
  • LSU has been a "B" movie in the first half of the season, writes Glenn Guilbeau of the The News Star.
  • Enjoy the current BCS standings as quick as you can. They're bound to change quick, writes Mark McCarter of the Huntsville Times. This is usually where you see the cliched "BC-Mess!" headlines in newspapers and Web sites across the country. I think they're waiting for Boise State to move higher than fourth for that to be the case this time.
  • "10. Auburn: How different does this Auburn team look now as compared to three weeks ago? The Tigers (5-2, 2-2) have lost two in a row, including the 21-14 setback to Kentucky at home last week. Defense has been the major stumbling block. The Tigers can’t stop anybody, but their offense also let them down in the loss to the Wildcats."
  • "3. Auburn headed in reverse: Everybody wondered those first five weeks if Auburn was for real. In retrospect, maybe the Tigers weren’t. More and more, it’s looking like they feasted on a pretty cushy home schedule. It’s no surprise that depth problems are starting to plague the Tigers. Gene Chizik knew that was going to be a problem back in August. But as Auburn grinds away on what will be 11 straight weeks without a bye, the lack of depth on this team will only become more glaring. The 21-14 home loss to Kentucky last Saturday was disappointing on a couple of different fronts. The defense was again exposed, allowing 282 rushing yards to the Wildcats. But now the offense is starting to show some signs of slippage. Quarterback Chris Todd didn’t play well for the second straight week, and Auburn also hurt itself with drive-killing penalties and untimely dropped passes. All in all, this looks like a pretty average team right now that’s just trying to hang on."
  • The stabbing and death of UConn's Jasper Howard at a school-sponsored dance this weekend makes you sick to your stomach. Desmond Conner of the Hartford Courant has an account of the incident here.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that article in your fifth item says Florida is #1 in the BCS, not Alabama. Bama is only #1 in the AP poll.

Andy Bitter said...

My bad. I mixed up the stories.

Aeronaut said...

This year's SEC officiating is as pathetic as it can possibly get.

Peter "Big Snacks" Frankenschmidt said...

Yes, Officials are terrible in every SEC game I've seen.

Aero, RK said he was sorry. Thought I'd relay the message.

michael said...

Peter Frankenbummer, I am sorry for saying no one reads your posts.