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Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday links (10/12)

It's Monday, what seems like the longest day of the week. So why not distract yourself with these college football links (and be sure to participate in the poll on the right about the live chat. I'm thinking of moving the time this week):
  • Kentucky quarterback Mike Hartline is down with a knee injury, writes Chip Cosby of h the Lexington Herald-Leader. It's never good when the best prognosis would be a two-to-four week absence.
  • The Tigers said everything right about not overlooking Arkansas. They did everything wrong in not following through on that, writes Ray Melick of the Birmingham News.
  • Jerry Hinnen of the War Eagle Reader writes some knee-jerk reactions to Saturday's game, noting that both Auburn and Arkansas regressed to their mean a little bit, the Tigers on offense, the Razorbacks on defense.
  • I didn't think fans would take so much stock in what Tommy Tuberville says as a college football analyst, but Arkansas was up in arms after the former Auburn coach said the Tigers would win by three touchdowns last Saturday.
  • "5. Auburn: The Tigers (5-1, 2-1) had probably benefited a little from a soft schedule the first five weeks, so their loss to Arkansas last Saturday wasn’t a huge surprise. This team will be back. Gene Chizik and his staff have done a nice job, and the Tigers are going to move the ball and score points against just about anybody they play. The concern is the defense. Can they stop anybody the rest of the way?"
  • "Reality check for Auburn: The Tigers still have a chance to have a very good season, but they're not as good as their 5-0 record suggested going into Saturday's 44-23 loss to Arkansas. It starts on defense. Simply put, this isn't a very good Auburn defense. The Tigers have now given up 400 or more yards of total offense in three of their six games. Gus Malzahn's offense had a bad day, in particular a bad start, but the Tigers will bounce back on that side of the ball. It's the defense you wonder about and the part of Auburn's team that doesn't resemble right now what an SEC contender typically looks like. The Tigers had lived off getting turnovers this season. West Virginia turned it over six times, or the Mountaineers would have easily scored 40-plus in that game back in September. But against Arkansas, Auburn forced just one turnover. In short, this is a defense that needs to improve if the Tigers want to finish this season the way they started it."
  • As expected, Auburn fell out of the polls after the loss. Who jumped off the bandwagon the fastest? San Francisco Chronicle columnist Ray Ratto, who dropped the Tigers from eighth to unranked after the Arkansas loss.
  • Mark Richt says he won't make wholesale changes after the Bulldogs' disappointing loss at Tennessee last Saturday, writes David Hale of the Macon Telegraph. I thought it was preposterous that Richt would be on the hot seat if Georgia struggled this year. Then again, you could have said the same thing about Tuberville last season. There's not a lot of room for error in the SEC.
  • Alabama and Florida are on a collision course for an SEC title game rematch, writes Low. Remember when Ohio State and Michigan were 1-2 in the polls and playing each other for a right to go to the national championship game a few years ago? Well, multiply that by 10 when the SEC is involved. That's how much hype will surround a game between the unbeaten Gators and Crimson Tide if they manage to get through the conference slate unbeaten.

1 comment:

Doggoneit said...

Georgia stink, stank, stunk saterdee. I thought CMR was bullet proof, but hard decisions are making him seem less likeable. I (now) see why y'all were ready 4 Tubs to go. In this conference things move fast and momentum down is faster than momentum up.