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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New video: Malzahn talks about returning home

I've put together a video from Tuesday's interviews. It's got offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn, tight end Tommy Trott, H-back Mario Fannin, defensive end Antonio Coleman and place-kicker Wes Byrum answering questions leading into the Arkansas game.

And don't forget I've got a LIVE chat tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET/noon CT. So come prepared with your best questions. See you there.



Aeronaut said...

Regarding one of the previous articles, I didn't know one has to register with Ledger-Enquirer now. I guess I'll do that.

Thanks for your good work, Andy.

Andy Bitter said...

It's quick and painless. And it's free, so that's good. We appreciate your page views.

ron mexico said...

Can't make the live chat tomorrow but i got two questions:

1. Do you think gus malzahn going up against Arkansas last year at Tulsa gives a big advantage going into this week or does he mainly look at what the defense is doing during the game and make his adjustments?

2. Our weakness this year really seems to be our pass rush and this week pressure on Mallett will be critical. Chizik and Co. don't do alot of blitzing. Do you see that changing this week?

ron mexico said...

i always read the replay of the live chat so if you want to throw those in there i'll see them