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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A practice round like no other ...

Auburn doesn't practice again until Wednesday. As such, I'm taking Tuesday to walk the grounds at Augusta National. My good friend from Virginia got practice round passes for The Masters and quite honestly, I'd be a fool not to take him up on it.

It's a rare occasion when I can enjoy a sporting event as a fan. And, although I've been to golf tournaments before, I am confident it will be an experience like no other. (Read that last sentence over running piano music in a hushed Jim Nantz voice for full effect.)

So I urge you today to get by on yesterday's practice updates if you have not yet read/watched/listened to them. Here's my full practice report. It's heavy on Cam Newton. And here's a video from yesterday's interviews. It too is heavy on Cam Newton. What can I say? The kid is intriguing and was one of only two players to show up for interviews Monday.

From what I've been told, cell phones are banned at Augusta but cameras are not, so I hope to take a few pictures on my trip and get them up on the blog just for fun.


Jonesy said...

I've been for a Sunday (Zach Johnson, on Easter, so damn cold) and for a practice round (Tiger's last win). The practice round was more fun. Especially the Wednesday, b/c you also get the par 3 contest.

Anonymous said...

Try one of the egg salad or pimento cheese sandwiches while you're there -- hermetically-sealed goodness in Masters-green plastic wrapping.