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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Auburn men's basketball: A closer look at who the Tigers might interview

And so the search begins. Here's how my story in today's newspaper starts, with capsules of a number of potential candidates on the link:

AUBURN, Ala. — Hours after dismissing sixth-year basketball coach Jeff Lebo on Friday, Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs gave a vague outline of what he will be looking for in a replacement.

“The key is the right fit, and certainly (promoting) the Auburn traditions and the values of Auburn are important,” Jacobs said. “But the No. 1 goal is to win.”

It’s with that in mind that Jacobs begins what he expects will be a lengthy search.

Auburn’s football coaching search in December 2008 took 10 days, culminating in the surprise hire of Gene Chizik. But the postseason tournaments complicate the issue in basketball. Schools generally don’t intensify talks with coaches until their teams are eliminated.

Read the full thing here. And follow the blog on Twitter.


Aeronaut said...

Worst. attire. ever.

easyedwin said...

Well, AB, you were right about Lebo. Now who can we get to energize the program and get us some players with TALENT? Is Noland too old? Is he still around?

ExKnightMike said...

My top two choices, in no particular order, would be the afore mentioned Tony Barbee and Sam Mitchell of Mercer, NBA and Columbus, Ga. fame.

But what do I know? Chizik was third on my football wish list behind Gary Peterson and Brian Kelly and Chizik, at least so far, is working out well.

Good luck JJ, get us a good 'un!

Anonymous said...

Not a great list, outside of Gregg Marshall and - maybe - Barbee. If it's any of the others, it's right back to the usual for the Tigers. Why not Scott Drew from Baylor? How about Butler's Brad Stevens? If JJ thinks he's going to get an improvement using Lebo-sized dollars, they should have just kept Lebo.

Aubiester said...

This is not JJ's list just so you know people.