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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Five questions for Auburn as it begins spring drills

Spring football gets underway today. Or maybe a better way to describe it for Auburn fans is that the post-signing day lull is over. I'll be at Auburn providing updates throughout the morning and early afternoon. We get to watch 30 minutes of practice, so some news is certain to come out of it. Get instant updates by following the blog on Twitter.

But to get you primed, here's my story today highlighting five questions heading into spring drills. Spoiler alert ... here are the five I chose for the story (you'll have to click on the link to read further):
  1. Who, if anyone, will seize the starting quarterback job?
  2. Is Mario Fannin the leading candidate to replace Ben Tate at running back?
  3. Who will replace Andrew McCain at right tackle?
  4. With Zac Etheridge, Aairon Savage and Mike McNeil all back, what does that mean for Auburn’s secondary?
  5. How will Auburn cope with losing defensive end Antonio Coleman, the SEC sacks leader?
Got any other pressing questions about Auburn this spring? Post them in the comments. I'm curious to see what people think.


SteveFC said...

Who will be the next WR to step up. We were basically a three receiver team last season with Fannin, Zachery, and Adams. If Fannin is the tailback, who steps up. We have enough room for a couple of more play makers at WR.

Also, where will Bates fit in with the LBs. He was great last season, but we have all 3 starters back.

Peter Frankenschmidt said...

Nice article, AB.

Big Snacks shoutout!