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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Auburn Pro Day: Some quick notes

It was a quick Pro Day for Auburn. Not nearly as many participants or scouts as last year, which made the proceedings relatively short. Here are some notes from today's activities:
  • CB Walt McFadden was pleased with his day. He bulked up to 180 pound and was taller than most teams thought he was, measuring at 5-11 1/2. He ran a 4.39-second time in one of his 40-yard dashes, making up for his non-invite to the NFL scouting combine. "At first it was disappointing, but by having a lot of family there that went through it and seeing a lot of people that were saying you can go to the combine and still not get drafted, so that was just a big thing for me," McFadden said. "So I feel like I was just an underdog and hey, it's just a matter of time for me to overcome it."
  • DE Antonio Coleman had some slip-ups in a few drills (not bad times, per se, just that he had a few false starts), but he still came away happy with his performance. Scouts are looking him at as a defensive end or outside linebacker (Coleman said 16 NFL teams play a 3-4 defense now). He ran a 4.72 40-yard dash and elected to keep his bench press from the combine of 18 reps at 225 pounds. "I'm just the type of guy who relaxes and let's it flow," he said. "You can't be stressed out. You have your stress barriers, and sometimes you don't. I just put it in God's hands."
  • RB Ben Tate didn't do much, preferring to stay with his NFL combine numbers from Indianapolis or as the scouts called it, "keeping Indy." He did do some positional drill work outside, catching passes from Chris Todd. He continues to feel slighted. "I think I've been underestimated my whole career," he said. "It drives me, it keeps me working hard. I don't mind being the underdog. One day the underdog will be on top."
  • DE/OLB Gabe McKenzie looked in the best shape of his life. He benched 225 pounds 22 times, tied with Brad Lester for the most on the day. He had a vertical leap of 37 pounds. Scouts looked at him as both a defensive lineman and tight end. "I could go all day," he said afterward. "I could go again."
  • Bummer day for DT Jake Ricks, who pulled his left hamstring on his second 40-yard dash attempt. He sat out the rest of the drills and was legitimately upset about it afterward.
  • Former Auburn decathlete Maurice Smith was at the tryouts. The 29-year-old is a two-time Olympian from Jamaica who had some down time, so he tried to give football a shot, despite having no background in the sport. "I think I did pretty well," he said. "I was having fun with it. I wasn't necessarily expecting to ... I do the decathlon in track so I figured it wouldn't be that hard for me. I played a lot of soccer in my life, too, so hopefully a few teams will call me to come down and work out with their team."


easyedwin said...

Thanks, A. B. But the burning question is will Lebo stay or go? What do you personally think?

Andy Bitter said...

I think the administration's lack of public support, even in the slightest sense, is pretty damning at this point. I'd say he's out, but that's just a guess.