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Thursday, March 11, 2010

SEC legend Chuck Person speaks, wouldn't rule out college coaching job

We beat writers just had a brief interview with Chuck Person, who was in Nashville to be honored as Auburn's "SEC legend" this week. Person, who is currently a Lakers special assistant, had this to say:

(Talk about the 1985 team's SEC tournament run)
"That was the first year we had ever done it. We underachieved that year for sure. Sonny Smith was in the midst of resigning. We were trying to make sure that he stayed. I think we beat Ole Miss the first game. Then we played Florida, LSU and Alabama. All of the games were tough and they got tougher as we went along. Our last game went to overtime. So we were very fortunate, actually, to win and make a good run in that tournament. Obviously the following year we were even better."
(Team mindset with coach's job on line?)
"I think when you underachieve like we did for the first part of the season -- we really played well at the end -- you want to be there for the guy who brought you in and gave you a scholarship. I finally figured we were doing it for him and we found something we could hang our hats on and play for and that's what we did. And we did a good job."
(Meaning of getting honored)
"The Auburn athletic department has been trying to get me to come a couple years back, but I've had some obligations. Obviously I've been coaching in the pros. I've been working for the Lakers this year and Phil Jackson allowed me to come out this year on the request of Auburn and come out here and share the moment. This is just special for me."
(Follow AU?)
'I follow the team. I don't get a chance to watch many games because we play three games a week. But I pay attention whether they're winning or when they're not doing so well. Basketball is important to me at Auburn. I understand the dynamics of their football situation out there, but Auburn can win in basketball as well as football if you get the right players you can do it with."
(Consider coaching in college?)
"I think I'm kind of institutionalized when it comes to the pros -- 15 years as a player, 10 as a coach or an executive in the front office. But if the opportunity presents itself, like and coach would want to do, you want to be able to be a head coach at the highest level. Obviously the pros would be my first choice, but if I could get to a good college job in a good conference, yeah, I would look into it if the opportunity presents itself there."
(Cognizant of Jeff Lebo rumors?)
"You see and hear things, but I think coach Lebo has done a good job with the situation he came into and with the players he has had to work with. Obviously you can't win unless you get players. That's the main thing. So it takes some time to really find the right kids to sign. It really is a situation where Auburn is a football school and you've got to understand the dynamics of the situation to realize the prospects of winning when you come here to coach from another school."

1 comment:

ExKnightMike said...

There has never been a better representative of Auburn University than Chuck Person.

I'd be delighted if he became our next basketball coach, but I'm not holding my breath.