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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick notes after spring practice No. 12

Here are some quick-hitters from today's round of interviews:
  • Auburn will split into two teams for the A-Day scrimmage Saturday. Last year, the Tigers went offense vs. defense.
  • Auburn did a half scrimmage, half practice today at Jordan-Hare Stadium. It was closed to the media, but we've pieced together some information.
  • The defense apparently got the better of the offense in the scrimmage portion. Drew Cole and Ikeem Means had interceptions.
  • (UPDATED after talking to WR coach Trooper Taylor). Cam Newton threw two touchdown passes. One was to DeAngelo Benton, one was to Kodi Burns. Ralph Spry Jr. also caught a touchdown pass. We don't know who threw it.
  • Spry also had a fumble. Walk-on Davis Hooper had two.
  • Taylor called Spry the most improved receiver this spring after sophomore Emory Blake.
  • Defensive coordinator Ted Roof said this spring has been more about teaching concepts than specific plays. He wants players to understand things in a broader scope of his defensive philosophy, so that if the Tigers want to give multiple looks, it'll be easier to make the shift.
  • Roof said not to read anything into Jonathan Evans working with the ones and Eltoro Freeman working as a backup. "Nothing means nothing," Roof said. Yup, we're not buying it. If someone's worked with the first team throughout the spring, that's usually a good indicator.
  • Roof on Evans' progress from wide-eyed freshman to somewhat-seasoned sophomore: "It's more fun when you know what you're doing."
  • Roof was quick with praise for cornerback Anthony Gulley-Morgan but gave a long pause when trying to say something about T'Sharvan Bell. That's usually a pretty good indicator of where a player stands in the coach's eyes.
  • Daren Bates continue to get mental reps at linebacker. Roof said it would be tough for Bates to play both safety and linebacker next season, suggesting it's going to be one or the other for the sophomore.
  • PK Wes Byrum said one of his biggest goals next season is to do both field goals and kickoffs. He also said his knee was bothering him a little last week, giving Chandler Brooks (aka "The Kid with the Yellow Shoes") a chance during the live drill at the beginning of practice.
  • WR Darvin Adams was held out of practice to let the backups get more playing time.
  • Craig Stevens weighed in with his A-Day MVP predictions: On offense, Terrell Zachery. On defense, either himself or Demond Washington.
  • Stevens also had high praise for Newton: "A strong guy. Fast. He's everything they talked him up to be."
I'll be back with a more comprehensive post and hopefully some video later.


Tar Heel Tiger said...
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Tar Heel Tiger said...

excellent report, Andy. Thanks. Any basketball news? Isn't today the first day for "regular" signers?