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Friday, January 7, 2011

Auburn beat writers vote linebacker Josh Bynes as 2010 'Good Guy Award' winner

The votes are in for this year's "Good Guy Award." Your winner is Josh Bynes. Here's the full press release:
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Auburn senior linebacker Josh Bynes has been selected as the winner of the 2010 “Good Guy Award” by the local chapter of Auburn beat writers.

The award, presented annually after every season, is meant to recognize a player who is consistently congenial and professional in his interactions with the media. Cornerback Walt McFadden, now with the NFL’s Oakland Raiders, won the award last year.

The East Alabama Auburn Beat Writers Association of America voted to give Bynes the award for his regular participation in media interviews, his friendly demeanor and his willingness to help reporters working on stories.

“Much like inaugural winner Walt McFadden, Josh has a charismatic personality and is always cooperative, friendly and insightful during interviews,” said EAABWAA awards committee chairman Evan Woodbery.

Other players who received votes and are deserving of honorable mention are: offensive linemen Mike Berry, Lee Ziemba and Byron Isom; linebacker Craig Stevens; and running back Mario Fannin.

Bynes will be presented with a plaque from the EAABWAA at a later date.

“I appreciate it,” Bynes said. “I just try to answer all the questions that are asked, as long as they’re reasonable.”

Bynes has played in every game of the last two seasons and has compiled 231 career tackles. He will participate in the Under Armour Senior Bowl Jan. 29 in Mobile.

Auburn coach Gene Chizik said Bynes was “very deserving.”

“He’s a great representative of Auburn obviously on the field with all that he’s done and I think he represents Auburn great off the field,” Chizik said. “He’s been a great leader. And it doesn’t surprise that he’s done the same thing in being very cooperative with everybody off the football field, because that’s who he is.”

The EAABWAA is an informal professional organization dedicated to advancing sports journalism.


Anonymous said...

This begs the question "Who would win the bad guy award?"I realize there's no way you'll answer this, but perhaps you could answer in code. For example, if the answer is a word like "jaguar" you could simply refuse to give that answer but instead hint that it rhymes with "maguar".

Nancy said...

My wife let me use her name today to respond. Anyway, I enjoy Josh's interviews...what a great spokesman for the team and especially for the defense. I'm really going to miss him next season. He seems like a very good guy and I wish him success. AU64