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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cam Newton, on if he thinks his achievements will have an asterisk by them: 'No sir, I do not'

There was a short conference call with Cam Newton today for winning the Manning Award. Here's what Cam had to say:

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What has the last week been like for you?
"The past couple of days, this past week has been kind of drastic. In the morning I've been working out and in the early part of the evening, I've been meeting with agents, marketing people, accounting firms and all that."
What do you want your college legacy to be?
"My legacy at Auburn or I hope the impact I've put on the NCAA is that here's a young man that was very resilient and left it all on the field. I really wanted to come out and try to be the best. I think any athlete doesn't play the game just to play the game with other people. I play football to try to be the best, and that's what I was striving to be this whole season."
Have you settled on an agent?
"I really haven't. I have narrowed it down to about three of them. I think my decision will be made early tomorrow evening or early Friday morning. This process is not just a process that has to be made on my terms, because by all means, I would have made this decision, but it's something I just have to sit down with family about, close friends and the people I have the utmost respect for."
You blocked stuff out all year. Was it ever too much?
"I wouldn't say that. Because football is a game that I truly love. I'm a firm believer in the faith of God. And the Bible says, God won't put too much on a person that that person can bear. And obviously this season, I have been tested not only on the field but off the field. I think for me to play as well as I did, there are a lot of things that come into play: my supporting cast off the field, my family, just keeping my head clear throughout this trying time, and my teammates and obviously my coaches."
Do your worry there will be an asterisk by your name in the record books at the conclusion of the NCAA's investigation?
"No sir, I do not."
How is your back?
"I feel great. I was just another football game. I think this football game was different, due to the fact that the pain that I had after the game. That's the price you have to pay to sign up to play the physical sport of football. But right now, I'm going throughout my workouts every single day and I feel great. I feel like I'm continually trying to get better. By the time I have to perform in front of people, I'll be in tip-top shape."


MikeP said...

Was it Thayer Evans that asked the stupid asterisk question?
Speaking of Evans, did y'all notice him after Auburn won the BCS game? He was standing on the field looking like he was chewing persimmons. Poor guy, his efforts to keep Cam from winning the Heisman and to keep Auburn from winning the championship all failed miserably.
Hopefully Fox Sports will follow the example of the N.Y. Times and fire this irresponsible guy.

Best wishes to Cam Newton and all the Auburn players that are going on to other things!

Anonymous said...

Ladarious Phillips needs to come into the equation for 2011. Lutz + Phillips + Dyer + Trotter for offense could prove beneficial.

Jared said...

Ladarious Phillips is said to have but on almost 50 pounds of fat this year during his injury. He won't be playing any TB or RB until he gets that off. I'm sorry, but I may be the only one who hasn't gotten excited about Phillips in the backfield.

Chris P. said...

I think Trotter is going to surprise a lot of people. Either way, our O in 2011 will probably revolve around hand the ball to Dyer and everyone else block somebody.

MikeP said...

If Phillips contributes at Auburn, it will be at defensive tackle. Anyone that saw him play HS ball (I did) can tell you where his talent is, and it durn sure isn't at running back.

I don't know why all the fan excitement about L.Phillips anyway. I suppose the idea of a 290 lb runner breaking away and out racing college DB's to the end zone stirs the imagination but it ain't gonna' happen.

Opposing high school coaches did some extra planning to deal with Phillips as a DT. Not so at RB, he didn't pose an unusual threat.