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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sneak peek of Auburn QB Cam Newton on 'The Tonight Show'; no NFL decision yet

Those hoping Auburn quarterback Cam Newton will announce his NFL decision on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno will probably be disappointed. Here's a clip of the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback on the NBC website.

Newton's on second tonight, right behind comedian Bill Maher. It's coming on soon for you Central Time Zone folks. The TV listings are an hour behind here in Phoenix, so feel free to write about anything interesting Newton says in the comments section.

By the way, Newton has hit both major TV late night shots, having done "The Late Show with David Letterman" after winning the Heisman Trophy in New York.


Clint Richardson said...

So I'm guessing this means that Cam didn't fly back home with the team? Or did he have time to fly to LA, tape the show at what, 11 this morning(?), and the fly back to Pheonix to join the team?

Andy Bitter said...

Not with the team, I would assume. I think they tape this later in the day out in LA. Plus, I didn't see Cam in any of the athletic complex photos.

Clint Richardson said...

I don't like that. He should had definatly been with the team and all.

AB, have you heard anything about his back? I know X-rays were negative, but anything new?

Andy Bitter said...

Haven't heard anything. Then again, I'm marooned in Phoenix for the time being. Hopefully will get back late tomorrow night.

Jared said...

Cam was great. Probably the best I've seen him in an interview setting. Looked cool, calm, and relaxed. I don't know if it was having the season behind him or if Leno had a good staff to prep him. But he was very good!

Gale said...

Andy, Have you heard if there will be a cost to attend the Celebration on the 22nd and how one would get tickets?

Andy Bitter said...

Not sure if there is a cost. I'd bet there isn't. I'm sure they want as many people there as possible.