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Friday, January 7, 2011

Video: Auburn goes in front of the cameras during the BCS title game media day

The BCS title game media day was this morning. It was quite the circus, as you can tell from this video. I tried to steer clear of too many questions about football stuff (we get it already, Oregon goes fast), just trying to kind of see how the week has gone for most of these guys.

The video has interviews clips with linebacker Josh Bynes, tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen, center Ryan Pugh, defensive tackle Jeffrey Whitaker and a good deal from offensive guard Bart Eddins, who is video gold.

1 comment:

postermom said...

Nice! Were you sitting down to interview Eddins or is he really that tall?

I bet the players would have gotten never-before asked questions if they had shown up in their Halloween costumes.