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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cecil Newton wasn't at BCS title game but ran in at the end, lawyer tells USA Today

Cam Newton's father, Cecil, didn't attend Monday night's BCS title game, but did run in after the game was over to give his son a hug, his lawyer told the USA Today.

"Mr. Newton viewed the game from an off-site location and came to the stadium after the game when everyone was leaving to personally congratulate his son," attorney George Lawson told the paper. "He was probably at some sports bar or something like that. I don't know."

Lawson said he doesn't know how long it took Cecil to get to the stadium. It's also unclear how Cecil got through stadium security. His lawyer did not know if he had a ticket.

Cecil was photographed hugging Cam following the game by the Opelika-Auburn News.

Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs said beforehand it was "mutually agreed" that Cecil would not attend the game, after the NCAA ruled in early December he solicited money from Mississippi State for his son to sign there last year.

As part of the ruling, Auburn agreed to limit Cecil's access to the program. The school said it did not provide him a ticket Monday night.


Anonymous said...

If Cecil was at the Renaissance Hotel watching the game as some Auburn fans have reported, it took him less than five minutes to get to the stadium. I was there too and did the same thing.

Let it go.... said...

And security or having a ticket is not an issue after the game is over.

I wish folks could let this go already. The facts are clear:
NCAA says Cam's eligible.
NCAA is not currently investigating AU.
Cecil lied and almost cost his son his college career, so nothing he does should surprise us.
But Cecil is still Cam's dad, and Cam still loves him. He can hug him if he wants.

Andy Bitter said...

I'm not sure they just let anybody off the street into the arena after the game is over. It's a pretty tight security environment.

Anonymous said...

Andy, I'm telling you. It wasn't that hard to get in the stadium after the game. Me and two others did it. Five minutes after Byrum's kick we made it from the Renaissance to field level to celebrate. Confetti was still flying.

Anonymous said...

Andy thousands of people are leaving they are not checking people walking by that would be one of the most retarded uses of personal ever.... did you fall of the turnip truck last night??

Tar Heel Tiger said...

Of course Cecil was in the stadium watching the game. Bitter stated it as fact, so it must be true.

I'm going back to JGT's site. He sticks to the facts.


dvaughn said...

From what I hear from my friends who were there, a ton of people were watching the game on a big screen outside the stadium and ran inside the stadium right after the game to celebrate with the rest of the Auburn Family.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Renaissance Hotel also and seen him there watching just as I did.

Justin said...

AB, did AU and Cecil mutually agree that Cecil wouldn't be at the game regardless of circumstance, or did they mutually agree that they wouldn't be giving him a ticket?

Tar Heel Tiger said...

Auburn had ZERO authority to ban Cecil Newton from Glendale, UofPHX Stadium, or just about any other place in that city. The only thing AU has control over is not providing him a ticket. That USA Today reporter writes like Thayer Evans. She says AU should have banned Cecil from Glendale city limits. What an idiot. Maybe I just didn't notice, but I swear I don't think newspaper reporters were so STUPID 30 years ago.

Oh wait, what am I doing here. I'm supposed to be back at JGT's site.

Andy Bitter said...

Listen, whether you want to argue he was there during the game (apparently not likely) or after, (he was), he was in the stadium at one point.

Jay Jacobs' quote to the AP: It "was mutually agreed upon. Out of the highest respect that Cecil has for Cameron, he won't be here today."

None of this would be an issue if it weren't for the nebulous "limited access" for Cecil that Auburn agreed to with the NCAA, something the school won't define for anyone.

Anonymous said...

Andy..keep it up, soon Thayer will be calling you as his source. This whole issue is nuts and I can't believe you are trying to keep it alive. So call you readers liars if you want and try to accept that AU should prevent Cecil or anyone else form attending a game. Limited access usually means access not permitted to the public at large...check it out.

Andy Bitter said...

Not trying to keep the issue going. Just clarifying something that has been in the news.

I don't personally care that he was there. It's a public stadium. It's his son's big moment. Go right ahead.

But if he was there -- and he was at some point -- it's newsworthy, considering he wasn't ever seen during the SEC championship game and the Heisman Trophy presentation.

Justin said...

Geez, people, calm down. It's not like AB is calling for Cecil's hanging or anything like that. It's just a blog post.

Personally, while some folks here are saying he was at the hotel, I still have the feeling that he was at the game, or at least had a ticket, because otherwise there's no way Cam would have been able to find him.

The bottom line is that nothing was violated, because AU didn't provide him with the ticket. And Jay Jacobs just said what he said so that ESPN wouldn't try to find him and show him every five minutes.

Walker said...

Snooze ... this is all Finebaum is crowing about. Auburn just won THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP against all odds. Who cares if Cecil was there?

Johnny Smith said...

It's not just this blog. It's all of them. Even in victory they don't want us to enjoy our season. I've read hit pieces on how dirty Nick Fairley was, or Eric Smith, or how Cam Newton wasn't really hurt, but didn't want to fulfill his press duties. I've heard the statement that Josh Bynes made about "us having the last laugh" interpreted as we got away with cheating, when he was talking about how the defense had been disrespected for the past month, and they made their statement during the game. I'm so damn sick of all of the hit pieces in all of the newspapers and blogs, I could bite nails. Even some of the espn (Sorry, but they don't deserve capitalization)were opining after the game whether the NCAA would later strip the title... ON THE SAME FREAKIN' NIGHT AS THE WIN!!! In all seriousness, my friend, the Auburn Nation is tired of this crap. Give it a rest already!!!

stokesjrs said...

Cam has a Dad! Get over it. Yes, he's a scumbag, yes he made a mistake, and yes he still deserves to see his son win the Heisman and play in his last college game. Do limit his access. Do make him buy his own ticket. The guy should have been allowed to attend the game and sit wherever his ticket allowed him. He should not be allowed in the locker room or around the media. But he should have been allowed to watch the game. Case closed - Cam is going pro and Cecil will be gone also - thank God!

Scott said...

This is not newsworthy......it's meaningless.

Who the heck cares what Jay Jacobs said about limited access or what he said about the mutual agreement for Cewcil to stay away? Cecil Newton was perfectly within his rights to go in the stadium and neither Auburn nor Jay Jacobs had any way of legally stopping him.

The whole point of this non-story by the media is to insinuate that Auburn has done something wrong because Cecil was present.

Just drop it already, or is there nothing else to write about?

Justin said...

I think it's safe to say this thread has hit meltdown mode.

Pawwwl, I'll hang up and listen.

MikeP said...

"A young Cecil Newton has been identified as the shooter on the grassy knoll in Dallas in 1963."~~~Thayer Evans & co.

Anonymous said...

Just to add some wisdom and insight to all these comments because I was there, there with ALL the other Auburn fans who wanted to purchase a ticket to get into the stadium but couldn't. Thousands of us watched the game on an incredible jumbotron at a placed called Westgate. Westage is on the corner of the University of Phoenix Stadium's parking lot. Sitting diagonal from Westgate is the Renaissance hotel which I visited after the Tigers won and several times during my stay. It is an awesome hotel that welcomed all the happy Auburn fans that wanted to gather and celebrate after the win. I went to the stadium after the win and the security was not letting anybody in. I saw several people go to the guards and ask to reenter the stadium, even Oregon fans trying to claim lost merchandise. They were not letting people back in. The only way Cam's dad was able to get into that stadium was because he obviously had a ticket. The stadium only has 4 entrances so it's very difficult to get into. I know that Cecil didn't watch the game inside the stadium because he was in the lobby of the Renaissance where hardly anyone approached him to discuss anything. I think it must be a very sad feeling to know that you have to be banned from being near your child in their highest achievements. Yes, I know what he did initially wasn't good, but he did what the NCAA and Auburn asked of him. He removed himself from the program and lived above reproach. I think it is wonderful that he made it to the field and was able to share something special with Cam. Anyone that expects him to remove himself from Cam is completely ridiculous. The media always makes such a hype about parents who are present at games to watch their son play for the first time since they were released from jail. Last I heard, Mr. Newton had not been convicted of a crime, and so why people are treating him as if he did because he saw Cam AFTER THE GAME WAS OVER is silly to me!!!!!