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Friday, February 5, 2010

Auburn addresses its three biggest needs

I wrote a follow-up about Auburn's 2010 recruiting class for today's newspaper. (And yes, I ran this picture yesterday, but it's great, so here it is again). Here's how the story starts:

AUBURN, Ala. — Depth issues routinely forced Auburn into unenviable situations last season, whether it was relying on starters to play every snap or desperately hoping nobody got hurt.

Tigers coach Gene Chizik thinks his staff took the first step toward addressing those issues on national signing day.

Auburn shored up some of the depth problems inherited from Tommy Tuberville’s staff and worsened by the inevitable roster attrition associated with a coaching change.

The Tigers signed 32 players in all this offseason. Five who enrolled in January count against last year’s class. Of the other 27, up to 25 can enroll as scholarship players next season, a must for an Auburn squad that started last year with 78 scholarship players, seven below the NCAA maximum of 85.

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