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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Auburn lands consensus top-five recruiting class

As you can tell from the picture above, it was an exciting day at the athletic complex if you're an Auburn fan. That great shot was taken shortly after defensive end Corey Lemonier announced on ESPNU that he was coming to the Plains.

Lemonier was a big get for Auburn, one that kept the Tigers up there in the national rankings. Here's how things shook out according to the major recruiting services:

RIVALS: 1. Florida, 2. Southern California, 3. Texas, 4. Auburn, 5, Alabama

SCOUT: 1. Florida, 2. Oklahoma, 3. Texas, 4, Alabama, 5, Auburn

ESPN: 1. Florida, 2. Texas, 3. Alabama, 4. Auburn, 5. Oklahoma

That's pretty elite company up there at the top. And not bad for a team that went 8-5 with a whole new coaching staff.

You can take a look at each signee's bio on Auburn's athletics Web site here.


AUBigCat said...

Todd Van Ernst gets mad props for that photo!!

Peter Frankenschmidt said...


Hai Michael.