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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Auburn moves up in polls, will have to wait until tonight to see if it keeps top spot in BCS rankings

Auburn jumped Boise State to No. 2 in the coaches' and Harris polls, but the Tigers could lose their No. 1 Bowl Championship Series ranking when the standings are released tonight.

According to several projections, Auburn will get jumped by Oregon for the No. 1 BCS spot, a week after the Tigers moved to the top of the rankings. Both bcsguru.com and Jerry Palm's collegebcs.com project Oregon to get a major boost in the computer rankings to pass Auburn.

But according to ESPN's Brad Edwards, Auburn will remain the No. 1 team in the rankings.

Auburn moved up to No. 1 in the BCS rankings for the first time in school history last week largely on the strength of its computer ranking, which was tops in the country.

The Ducks, who are No. 1 in both polls, were eighth in the computer rankings last week. They stand to move up considerably after beating Southern California and watching previously unbeaten Missouri and Michigan State both lose. The Tigers and Spartans were ranked second and third, respectively, in the computer rankings last week.

Auburn still improved its standing in the polls, however. The Tigers jumped Boise State in the coaches' poll and Harris Poll to No. 2. Those rankings make up two-thirds of the BCS formula.

Auburn gained 34 points in the coaches' poll, getting four first-place votes (one more than last week) to move past Boise State by 23 points. The Broncos were 33 points ahead of the Tigers last week.

In the Harris poll, Auburn got 10 first-place votes, four more than last week. The Tigers went from 57 points behind Boise State to 48 points ahead.

The Tigers closed the gap in the Associated Press poll, despite staying at No. 3. Auburn cut Boise State's lead from 43 points to seven. The AP poll does not factor into the BCS formula.

Here's a glance at the coaches' poll:
1. Oregon (51), 8-0, 1,464 points, LW; 1
2. Auburn (4), 9-0, 1,384 points, LW; 3
3. Boise State (3), 7-0, 1,361 points, LW; 2
4. TCU (1), 9-0, 1,292, points LW: 4
5. Alabama, 7-1, 1,213, LW: 6
And the Harris poll:
1. Oregon (92), 8-0, 2,823 points, LW: 1
2. Auburn (10), 9-0, 2,683 points, LW: 3
3. Boise State (12), 7-0, 2,635 points, LW: 2
4. TCU, 9-0, 2,529 points, LW: 4
5. Alabama, 7-1, 2,346 points, LW: 6
And a glance at the AP poll:
1. Oregon (49), 8-0, 1,487 points, LW: 1
2. Boise State (7), 7-0 1,403 points, LW: 2
3. Auburn (2), 9-0 1,396 points, LW: 3
4. TCU (2), 9-0, 1396 points, LW: 4
5. Alabama, 7-1, 1,228 points, LW: 6
  • Two No. 1 votes: Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer and Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News.
  • John Niyo of the Detroit News, who had Auburn No. 1 last week, dropped the Tigers to second behind Oregon.
  • Auburn was second on 26 ballots, 10 more than last week. It was third on 18 ballots and fourth on 14 ballots.
  • Nobody had the Tigers lower than fourth.
  • The two state voters, Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News and Cecil Hurt of the Tuscaloosa News, both had Auburn second.
  • Their average rank was 2.73.


aubiebattle said...

It will be rediculous if Auburn gets jumped by Oregon. We are the only team to have beaten 4 ranked teams. We manhandled an unranked Ole Miss team on the road and Oregon manhandled an unranked USC team on the road. Plus we moved up to second in the coaches poll, so how is it that we will get jumped??? I really just don't understand all of this crap! Makes me long for a playoff system...ooops, did I just say that!?!?

Oh well...shouldn't matter if we keep winning (one game at a time). War Eagle!!!

Andy Bitter said...

It's all a matter of potential for growth. Oregon had more room to move up in the computer rankings than Auburn did in the polls.

Again, none of this matters if Auburn continues to win. If the Tigers win out, they will be No. 1 or 2 in the BCS by the end of the season, which is all that matters.

War Eagle AC-47 said...

I think winning out is all we can do. The national pundits see Alabama as our stumbling block because they have all built Bama up in their minds as the heir apparent from last year, we are merely pretenders to the throne.
It's all moot anyway since a loss to any team will kill us for the BCS championship title shot.
As long as we stay in the top two we will net get left out like in 2004.

MikeP said...

An interim BCS poll, like these weekly things, is interesting but meaningless.
The BCS is set up to pair the two best teams at season's end and that's what it usually does. The weekly things don't matter. While not perfect, BCS it's a lot better than no system.
If Auburn wins out, we'll be in. If we don't win out we won't have a gripe.
Just Keep On Truckin'!

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