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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A replay of this afternoon's live chat

Great participation again today. Over 200 readers. Went for an hour and a half. Thanks to everyone who joined.


Tar Heel Tiger said...

can't get the chat to work on my iPhone this week in th boonies. probably a good thing since I'm also driving and eating.

AB, what do you think is the single most important facet of the game AU must control to get a win? (other than points)

easyedwin said...

Well..........I guess Arky is getting more 'edges' tomorrow than Auburn.

Tar Heel Tiger said...

That was some seriously Bitter Chatter. Thanks for the Replay!!!

AUsome04 said...

Nice chat AB! I do remember Eltoro getting creamed on a Marcus Lattimore hit by one of our own players (d-lineman I think). ESPN didn't replay it but it looked like it was concussion worthy. That's probably why he's been out.

What's your Badger/buckeye prediction?

MikeP said...

Tar Heel Tiger, I'd say the most important facet for Auburn Saturday will be the D-line.
If we can whip the Arky O-line and pressure Mallet with very few blitzes, we'll win. If we have to blitz a bunch they'll complete more passes and it's up in the air.

Go Fairly, Blanc, Clayton, Carter, Eguae and friends!