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Friday, October 22, 2010

Cam Newton's Heisman hype growing by the day

I wrote a story for today's paper about the growing Cam Newton hype. Here's how it starts:
AUBURN, Ala. — The TMZ cameras caught Peter Berg at an interesting moment.

The “Friday Night Lights” director, put delicately, appeared to be enjoying some night life in Hollywood recently when the paparazzi caught him on the sidewalk.

The subject turned to college football, and Berg, colorfully and somewhat slurred, encouraged the group to keep an eye on Auburn’s quarterback.

“Right now, I watch a dude, Cal What’s-His-Name,” he said emphatically and erroneously, adding to the video’s viral charm.

Yes, it seems like every college football fan is talking about Auburn quarterback Cal … er … Cam Newton these days.
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1 comment:

Clint Richardson said...

I saw that video! It was so funny!!