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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Live blogging Gene Chizik's teleconference

Auburn coach Gene Chizik has spoken. Here's what he said:
  • Chizik looking very coach-like today. Wearing blue Auburn sweatshirt, windbreaker pants.
  • S Aairon Savage will have surgery tomorrow. Chizik wouldn't say it's a season-ender, but it can't bode well.
  • CB T'Sharvan Bell is day-to-day with what we believe is a hamstring injury. Chizik didn't specify it.
  • Said Anthony Morgan and Chris Davis will get more work at cornerback. Ryan White is still looking at a redshirt.
  • At safety, it will be Ikeem Means, Drew Cole, Demetruce McNeal and Ryan Smith getting more looks.
  • On if anyone stood out to him on defense: "I wouldn't be comfortable saying anybody."
  • "As a group, we obviously need to play much better next week."
  • On LSU: "Their talent is off the chart." Said running game is starting to click. Thinks it is getting better offensively every week.
  • Have some big receivers too: "It's the same every week."
  • On No. 5 going against No. 6 this week: "I think once they watch the film today that it will all come to reality that we are highly looking in search of a four-quarter game, because we haven't played it yet."
  • Said Steven Clark hasn't given the team the distance it wants on punts, but the hangtime has been good. Praised Wes Byrum for kickoff distance.
  • On the o-line: "I thought they played well. To me, there's still a lot of room for improvement in the physicality of it up front."
  • "Defensive line-wise, we have not faced one like this."
  • On the notion that LSU coach Les Miles has been lucky this year: "I think they have a great football team."
  • More on Savage: "Seeing him last night, talking to him today, the only thing I can say is your heart goes out to him. But he's a tough guy and he'll move past this like he does other things. ... That one was a hard one to look at."
  • Said Savage means a lot to his team, for his journey back from two years worth of injuries.
  • Chizik hopes Mike Dyer's leg injury doesn't go on for a few weeks. Will continue to monitor his practice this week. "I didn't feel like it was to the point where it was hindering him that much."
  • Said there are bunch of ways to run the zone read, which makes it so effective.
  • Everybody in the league other than LSU has given up at least 30 points in a game this year. What's change? "Sometimes it's those years." Mentioned Big 12 example from a couple years ago.
  • On the BCS rankings, a predictable response. Not worrying about it right now: "We've got to continue to do what we do every week. We've got a bunch of room for improvement at every position out there."
  • Didn't have an opinion on a playoff vs. the current BCS setup. Not surprising.
  • Chizik was at Texas when Vince Young was there. Cam Newton is similar. "I think it's a big thing for any team to believe in their quarterback that much. But I think it's important for everyone else to raise their level of play."
  • "They all need to raise their level of play. That's how I feel about it."
  • More on Newton: "He's played well. Some of the things he does, quite honestly, you don't have an answer for."
  • Called Auburn move to a QB run-first offense has been "and evolution." He added: "He's different form anyone we've been around." Said everything is withing the framework of what the Tigers already do.
  • On when he first saw Newton on film: "When I first saw him at Blinn, I said, 'He looks really good.' ... When you see him in person is when you realize how different athletically he is."
  • Is that the kind of QB he'll recruit in the future: "I wouldn't turn one down. We'll be looking under every rock trying to find one."
  • No real update on LB Eltoro Freeman. Still slowly improving.
  • Said it'd be nice to have an open date a little earlier in the season.
And that's a wrap.


Anonymous said...

I couldn’t hear the broadcast very well, so I don’t know if anything was said about it, but did you hear anything about Dyer? He didn’t play much, and then looked like he was limping into the end zone on his TD. Is he hurt?

Andy Bitter said...

Dyer had a leg injury. Didn't practice until Thursday. Chizik said they'll monitor him this week.

Anonymous said...

He's always had a sort of funny loping/skipping gait (because he's short? I'm short, maybe I can test this hypothesis). I don't think he had as much of a limp as some have suggested. He looked outstanding on the TD run. He looks so much like Mark Ingram, makes me get excited for next year, too.