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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Live blogging Gene Chizik's teleconference

Gene Chizik has come and gone. Here's what he said:
  • On being No. 8 in both polls: "We haven't talked about it. I don't really know what it means to the players. I think they have a good grip on the fact that that doesn't have an effect on anything. ... We simply don't talk about it."
  • "There's so much football left. This time of the year just doesn't really sink in."
  • Thinks there are areas where team could improve more, but "overall, the final result of everything was obviously what you'd be looking for in a game like that."
  • Said Kentucky is a really, really good football team. Look at them offensively, they're at the top of the rankings. "This is a very good football team and they're well-coached."
  • "We got first-hand how good they are last year."
  • "Challenge of going on the road in the SEC is difficult in itself."
  • "Last year's results and last year's team really have no bearing on this team at all. That was a different team with different people."
  • Nobody jumps out from yesterday's game. Glad to get to play a lot of young guys.
  • Anthony Morgan apparently played both ways yesterday. Chizik said he did well. Also mentioned DeAngelo Benton, Jake Holland and Kenneth Carter as doing some encouraging things.
  • "Any time you can get guys in the game and get them experienced and get them play, it's good for team morale."
  • Clarifies earlier answer: result of game has no bearing on how to proceed. Team obviously will look at game tape.
  • Doesn't think things are different with Joker Phillips running the show. "Offensively, it's pretty similar."
  • On Mario Fannin: "It's a confidence thing. The plan was to get him some perimeter stuff. I thought he handled it great. I thought the ran with confidence."
  • More on Fannin: "We don't think he's going to fumble a lot. That's not how we feel about him. He's got to help us. He's a big part of what we're trying to do when he's healthy."
  • On T'Sharvan Bell: "I was impressed with him yesterday. He made some things happen. He's trying to play more physical, which is a part of what we're trying to impart on all our guys. He's starting to become a better secondary player, and he hasn't been back there very long."
  • Said Kentucky is going to be similar to Clemson and South Carolina. Said they have a great offensive scheme. "They're physical, they're fast, they know exactly where every guy is supposed to be."
  • On Randall Cobb's versatility: "He's one of the best players in the league. They do it all with him and rightly so."
  • No word on QB Barrett Trotter's injury. Said he has two great options if he can't go.
  • Called it a "nick and bruise" type thing.
  • On Nick Fairley: "I think Nick's really tried to take that part of his game and really take it to another level. I don't think he's arrived at every day, every play, but I can tell you he's light years ahead of last year."
  • WR Jay Wisner left the program last week for "personal reasons." Chizik was extremely complimentary of Wisner's departure. Said he and the team would help him out with whatever they can.
  • Logical replacements for Wisner's unsung duties: Antonio Goodwin, Travante Stallworth, and Shaun Kitchens.
And that's a wrap. Back with more later.

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Sorry I'm late to the party, AB. Great report!