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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oregon passses Auburn for top spot in latest Bowl Championship Series rankings

Auburn's run atop the Bowl Championship Series rankings was a short one.

Despite beating Ole Miss 51-31, the Tigers dropped to No. 2 in the latest BCS rankings behind Oregon, which got a boost in the computer rankings after beating Southern California on Saturday.

Auburn went from .0302 points ahead to .0178 points behind Oregon in the rankings, which were released Sunday evening.

The Tigers jumped Boise State to No. 2 in the two polls that matter -- the coaches' and Harris polls -- and still held the top spot in the computer rankings.

But Oregon made up ground in the computer rankings. The Ducks, who are No. 1 in the two human polls, moved from eighth to second in the computer rankings.

TCU moved ahead of Boise State for the No. 3 spot. Utah was fifth and Alabama sixth.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely stupid. How many ranked teams has Auburn played? How many ranked teams has Oregon played? What's the combined record of Auburn's opponents? What's the combined record of Oregon's opponents? There is no comparison! Absolutely stupid. Granted, as long as AU keeps winning, this will be a moot point, but it's still stupid!

Janie Elizabeth said...

It's alright, 2 is our lucky number anyway!

War Eagle AC-47 said...

Okay, JE, good point. Also, it just reminds Auburn that our only road to a BCS title must be paved with constant voctory. There is absolutely no margin for error, nor will we get any favors from anybody.

It's time for that Outlaw Josey Wales "mag dog mean" mentality.

One of the guys on the BCS show even mentioned that he marked us down because we did not run up the score on LSU. He said that margin of victory does matter to him.

Craig James called him on that and said in the SEC teams should get credit simply for the win. But the other guy reiterated style points matter. An interesting window into the minds of the voters out there.

Janie Elizabeth said...

yeah that was jessie palmer and he's an idiot! the kicker: he played in the SEC!!

Aubiester said...

#1 or #2 in the BCS does not matter this time of year. IT LEADS TO THE SAME PLACE.

Andy Bitter said...

Thank you.

Postermom said...

Yes, but with comes coming up against Chatt and UGA and then an open week, could we drop even lower?

Aubiester said...


We actually are rated more points AHEAD of #3 than last week so NO!!!

aubiebattle said...

Janie Elizabeth: I am not a big Jessie Palmer fan either, but he was not a kicker. He was a quarterback for Florida.

Speaking of Jessie Palmer... I found it interesting that he questions our team because of our defense (which I will admit is not great), but he then goes on to praise Oregon's defense after their win over USC. Last time I checked Auburn gave up 31 points to Ole Miss (the last TD going against our reserves at the end), while Oregon's defense gave up 32 points to USC. Honestly...how does he keep his job with crazy comments like that!?!?

Not concerned that we fell to #2 because if we win out we will play for a National Championship. In fact...regardless of what Chizik says, I think that the team will use this as motivation in the rest of their games! We will see! WAR EAGLE!!!

Anonymous said...

JUST WIN BABY, and yes, Palmer is an idiot...plus he still has that bad taste in his mouth when AU beat him back when he was a GAYTOR !

ATCVX said...

I'm with the majority as long as we're 1/2 the only thing it means is who get to wear either blue or green/yellow/black/silver.....etc. It all ends up at the same place. Palmers an idiot though throw the scrub TD at the end away and look at what the D Did after that 2nd play. They actually did a pretty decent job holding ole miss and bob Davies favorite player (masoli).

I'd rather the team use this for motivation. We got guys than hopefully get some rest/healthy this week and go whoop UGA then go after bama. I think the D hasn't been doing that bad the last two weeks.


Palmer and the AP and Coaches Poll Boise voters have no problem with their lame schdule but a problem with Auburn wins. And they all picked Auburn to lose to LSU, ARK and Ole Miss. proof ESPN So called experts are college football Challenged for sure

I gave advise to a high school kid to opt out of tougher classes in High school and take the easy ones. I couldnt convince my College admissions people that my 3.0 GPA with tougher classes was better than the easy 4.0 GPA of a friend who took the easy path. SO these same so called voters who dis Auburun are lifting up Boise and TCU

Janie Elizabeth said...

I know, I meant like "you know what the kicker is?" as in the fact that he played for florida was the cherry on top. Something to add to the irony. It was a figure of speech.

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